2019 Elections In India – Be Prepared, Know The Parties Precisely

Over the past few years, we have seen the common youth transition from being generally disinterested in politics and the related parliament drama to slowly realizing the strength of their voices. The youth are what determine the sway of this nation and as we all know, the ruling Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) is looking to stay in power over a currently unified and stronger Congress Party. The recent elections showing Congress sweeping up several states may have left BJP rattled but the popularity of BJP is not to be underestimated. BJP and their alliances still stand in control of seventeen of India’s twenty-nine states which include states from a heavily populated Uttar Pradesh and wealthy Maharashtra.

If you are a young voter or a first-time voter, you may be wondering which party gives what benefit. In order to give a quick and broad vision of the two major political parties and their respective actions and plans, let us take a quick look at the pros and cons of both.

Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP)


  • Polls show that they still hold a chance of being re-elected to power even though their approval rate were not as high as it was a couple years back. They still hold a majority predictor vote.

  • Hindu nationalism has thrived under Prime Minister Modi’s regime.

  • More likely to be in touch with the current situation of the country based on their past experience and have room to make promises as to where they can better themselves.

  • BJP has Prime Minister Modi’s track record of being seen as anti-corruption among the people.

  • The party has a record of imposing GST which has been touted by many top economic experts. Investors are more favorable of Modi.


  • A major increase in violence against Muslims has been seen under his regime making the party a questionable choice for those who believe in secularism.

  • GST and demonetization schemes have left the poor with an unfavourable view on the Modi government. With the economy’s slow recovery, their opinion still has not shifted.

  • The party recently had a scandal over French fighter jet deal which has largely shifted PM Modi’s squeaky clean reputation among the laymen.

  • In his quest to take down corruption Modi has been criticized for not taking action against the big names in the business world especially those with Swiss Bank accounts.

  • Crimes against women such as rape and murders have also gained a lot of negative attention and have seen a huge statistical upswing under the BJP rule with not many reforms in place to prevent such crimes from occurring.

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Congress Party


  • Rahul Gandhi who is the current face of the party is seen as a beacon of hope for youngsters as he tries to make himself more relatable with his policies.

  • The Congress Party has been strengthening in unity over the last few years.

  • Seen as the scion of the much-touted Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty, their reputation seems quite unmatched by any other party.

  • The recent elections in states show that Congress has risen in popularity.

  • They have a reputation for believing in and practicing secularism and not nationalism of a single religion.


  • BJP has beaten congress at targeting grassroots voters, so that might have a negative impact on election day.

  • They need to increase their social media targeted activism in order to allow the youngsters to better understand their policies.

  • Unclear policies.

  • Though increasing in popularity, polls suggest that they have more work to do if they want to beat the majority.

  • They have a huge potential to explain their economic policies and their plans for climate change and the environment, however, not enough has been said in these regards.

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All facts given in this article are subjective and not to be considered a universal perspective. For instance, though certain policies of the government may impact some positively, while there are others who will have a very different experience of the same policy. The diversity of this country is such that it is hard to cover all the bases. So it is encouraged that each individual evaluates their standing in society and vote for whichever party they feel will benefit their ideologies.