Diwali 2018 – 10 Latest Celebration Trends, Safe Yet Exciting 

Diwali is a colorful and highly anticipated time of a year. Many years ago, it was a day where family would come together adorned in new clothes while offering prayers and celebrating the destruction of the evil. This celebration often included the bursting of firecrackers, distribution of sweets, and eating savouries. This year, we find that our Diwali will vary in stark contrast to the previous years. The Supreme Court has ordered for the strict use of crackers and imposed time restrictions on their usage. Apart from that, the modern era has housed many diseases such as obesity, diabetes and as a preventive measure, many adults from their thirty’s onwards are weary of sweets and savouries. But there is no need to fear as creativity is always there! Here are some ways to safely celebrate this festival of lights:

  1. Earthen lamps: Earthen clay lamps, deepams and lanterns can be lit and used to adorn the house inside and out. Not only this will enhance the festive spirit, but it is appeasing to the eyes of onlookers and wonderful to be photographed!

  2. Family Activities: Rangoli is commonly used to adorn the front entrance of houses. Make this a fun activity by inviting all the kid’s in the family to get creative with their designs and have a few laughs along the way!

  3. Fairy-lights: Fairy-lights have been on a trend for adorning the walls for parties and get-togethers. Get innovative and adorn the doors with fairy lights!

  4. Old is Gold: Back in the day, families would come together and create dishes and snacks rather than buying from shops. This year, try to make your favorite snacks at home. They are healthier and will enhance family fun when cooked together!

  5. Digital Diet: Vow not to use any digital devices, smartphones on Diwali and smile with your family instead, though must get clicked!

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  6. Recycle: In the spirit of getting rid of the old, collect all the recyclable items from your house and recycle them, and beautifully craft and make Diwali spirit designs.

  7. Pot Luck: You can also invite relatives, friends, and neighbors to bring a special cuisine or dish and have everyone enjoy a pot luck lunch!

  8. Donate: Have any old clothes or toys? Take a minute to give them away to those who may find use in them or need them the most. Donate this Diwali.

  9. Spread Joy: On such a bright day of joy, list out three acts of good deeds you wish to perform. It can be even as simple as buying lunch for those without homes! Spread love.

  10. Design Cards: Using eco-friendly materials, hand craft a personalized Diwali card for your friends, family & relatives!

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Any celebration can be made to stand for a good cause. Safety is also a huge concern during Diwali season. Firecrackers were the leading hazard, but the supreme court verdict may minimize the hazard. However, it is still prudent to exercise caution while using eco-friendly, non-sparking crackers especially around small children and senior citizen. While lighting lamps and doing Pooja, try to avoid the use of fires and resort to bulb supplements and fairy-lights to reduce fire hazard risks. All things have a workaround; it is all in how creatively we look at it. So guys, keep in mind these modern trends and have a safe and happy Diwali!  Babendude team wishing everyone prosperous Diwali.