Remembering Our Lost Heroes – Pulwama Terrorist Attack

It is a natural tendency for us humans to take our freedom for granted. It is also natural for us to complain of what freedom we lack within our nation’s borders. How many times have we taken even just a moment to think about those who render themselves in service of our nation’s safety? Whatever your answer may be, let us take a moment now to remember our lost heroes on the fateful Kashmir bomb attack that took place on 15th February 2019.

Around afternoon in Pulwama district, Kashmir of that fateful day, a bomb went off near a convoy of the Indian parliamentary personnel. A whopping 40 soldiers have been martyred in the attack. It is said to be the deadliest attack in this region of dispute in recent years. This news sent many shivers down the spines of Indian citizens especially when there were early speculations of involvement from a terrorist organization Jaish-e-Mohammad ever since they claimed responsibility for the attack. Pakistan, for their part, has condemned this attack stating that they are against violence in any corner of the globe.

While the nation’s politicians debate upon waging a surgical strike or a form of retaliation with our neighboring country, Pakistan, there are many voices focused on remembering the lost heroes. Every soldier is not merely an action figure who is sent to protect our nation. They are people with families, everyday responsibilities, children and emotions. They carry the weight of our nation’s security on their shoulders, and they do so willingly as a form of patriotic sacrifice. This sacrifice is carried not only by the soulful Jawans, but by their families as well. The heart-wrenching list of martyrs show that the pain is not just in one area of India, but shared by all Indians from all regions: North, South, East, and West. May we all stand in solidarity for our support and prayers for their souls and their families. Jai Hind.

Martyred CRPF Jawans:

  1. Naseer Ahmad (Jammu and Kashmir)

  2. Sukhjinder Singh (Punjab)

  3. Jaimal Singh (Punjab)

  4. RohitashLamba (Rajasthan)

  5. Tilak Raj (Himachal Pradesh)

  6. Vijay Soreng (Jharkhand)

  7. Vasantha Kumar VV (Kerala)

  8. Subramaniam G (Tamil Nadu)

  9. Manoja Kumar Behera (Odisha)

  10. GD Guru H (Karnataka)

  11. Narayan Lal Gurjar (Rajasthan)

  12. Mahesh Kumar (Uttar Pradesh)

  13. Pradeep Kumar (Uttar Pradesh)

  14. HemrajMeena (Rajasthan)

  15. PK Sahoo (Odisha)

  16. Ramesh Yadav (Uttar Pradesh)

  17. Sanjay Rajput (Maharashtra)

  18. Koushal Kumar Rawat (Uttar Pradesh)

  19. Pradeep Singh (Uttar Pradesh)

  20. ShyamBabu (Uttar Pradesh)

  21. Ajit Kumar Azad (Uttar Pradesh)

  22. Maninder Singh Attri (Punjab)

  23. BabluSantra (West Bengal)

  24. Ashvni Kumar Kaochi (Madhya Pradesh)

  25. Rathod Nitin Shivaji (Maharashtra)

  26. Bhagirathi Singh (Rajasthan)

  27. Virendra Singh (Uttarakhand)

  28. Awadhesh Kumar Yadav (Uttar Pradesh)

  29. Ratan Kumar Thakur (Bihar)

  30. Pankaj Kumar Tripathi (Uttar Pradesh)

  31. Jeet Ram (Rajasthan)

  32. Amit Kumar (Uttar Pradesh)

  33. Vijay Kr. Mourya (Uttar Pradesh)

  34. Kulwinder Singh (Punjab)

  35. ManeswarBsumatari (Assam)

  36. Mohan Lal (Uttarakhand)

  37. Sanjay Kumar Sinha (Bihar)

  38. Ram Vakeel (Uttar Pradesh)

  39. Sudeep Biswas (West Bengal)

  40. Sivachandran (Tamil Nadu)

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