Motor Vehicles Act- Everything You Need To Know

Same Rules ‘But’ High Penalties


What is it?

The Motor Vehicles Act is an Act of Indian Parliament which regulates all the facets of road transport vehicles. The new Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2019 has come into force on 1st September 2019, stating higher penalties for violating traffic rules. It has introduced heavy fines for drunken driving, driving without a valid driving licence, dangerous driving, over-speeding, etc. (check the comprehensive list below)

The Motor Vehicles Bill, 2019 is based on the recommendations of Transport Ministers of States. Ministry of Law and Justice under the Government of India has notified the passed new Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2019.


Why is it important?

According to a survey by the government, there were approx. 4.64 lakh accidents on the road and around 1.47 lakh deaths due to road accidents and related reasons. The survey also states that the 2-wheelers have accounted for more road accidents in comparison with 4-wheelers. So, it is clear, that why this is important for us to act as a responsible citizen of India.


Why should you care?

Well! When there are high penalties, one cannot ignore either.  If you won’t follow the traffic/ motor rules as per the Act, you might have to pay penalties which can burn a hole in your pocket. You may see the chart here which explains the fines earlier and fine now you will have to pay if violating any motor rules.

  • For not wearing a helmet, there is fine of Rs. 1000 which was just Rs.100 previously.
  • For not wearing a seatbelt, the fine you will have to pay is Rs.1,000.
  • For speed riding/driving, the fine has been increased from Rs.500 to Rs.5,000
  • For a drink & drive case, the fine has been increased from Rs.2,000 to Rs.10,000.
  • For driving/riding without a valid driving license, the fine is Rs.5,000.

Here is the list of the important new motor vehicle laws and their penalties that have come into effect from September 1st.


Where are the rules applicable?

Except for the two states in the country including West Bengal and Rajasthan, the rest of the country will follow the new motor rules and penalize for any traffic violations on the road.

However, the state governments of Punjab and Madhya Pradesh are yet to implement the penalties for traffic violations under the new Motor Vehicles Act.

The Best Advice To Youth

Be a responsible citizen and follow the motor rules !!!

or travel via public transport to stay away from fine!!!