The news stories recently have become quite depressing with scams, violence and conspiracy cropping up left and right. Here are some of the top news trends that have been splashed across the headlines of newspapers in recent times across the nation.

  1. Social Media Exposed- #deletefacebook movement

People all across India and the world have taken part in the #deletefacebook movement in light of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and proceeded to delete their Facebook accounts in protest to protect their privacy. Google is also being exposed by individuals who have discovered that Google can keep track of your every move through the individual’s GPS feature on their phone.

  1. NaMo App Debate

Controversy surrounded the prime-minister’s rule that NCC cadets must download the app which can be used to obtain personal information about the citizens of India. The opposition claims that the app can be used to spy and interfere in Individual privacy.

  1. Exam Leak

Protests among class 10 and 12 students erupted in the wake of the question paper for class X Mathematic and class XII Economics had been leaked in parts of the country. Re-examinations have been scheduled after much appeal from affected students. Two teachers and one coaching center owner have been held in association to the scandal.

  1. Political Conspiracy

There is Congress seeks to use the aide of foreign companies to collect data of the Indian population and psychologically target them in order to win the next elections. This is in direct link with the Cambridge Analytica scam that helped Trump win the US elections despite his unpopularity.

  1. Anti-Sterlite Protest

The people in the state of Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu have launched a protest to combat the establishing of a Sterlite Copper Smelter plant. Actor-turned politician Kamal Hasan has given his fill support in the protest.

  1. Malaya’s Third Wedding

Liquor baron Vijay Malaya is all set to tie the knot for a third time. Despite his criminal status in India, the now infamous ‘King of Good Times’ has escaped to the UK and has not entered India to face trial owing to his massive debt scandal.

  1. Delhi Sealing Strike

Delhi faced a massive trade strike in protest of the sealing drive that has been taking place in the Capital city for quite some time. This has affected the sales, right from the buyers to the sellers.

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  1. False Propoganda

A “false propaganda” is being carried out in Maharashtra over the closure of 1300 schools with low enrollment in the state. The students from all these schools are expected to be transferred to near-by government approved established schools.

  1. Bihar Violence

There was a sudden outbreak of violence in the town of Patna which has confused its locals. Violence broke out during the usually peaceful Durga Immersion procession which included stone throwing and burning. It is theorized that BJP might have induced this violence as a political agenda.

  1. Asansol riots

The Asansol Riots of West Bengal were another violent news headline leading to one person killed and two police officers injured. This is the result of a clash that broke out between two groups centering a Navami Procession.

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Overall, the future of India does seem bleak at first glance. But to put things practical in perspective, they usually say that light comes before the darkest of times. The fact that current news trends seem to be more about finding solutions to problems is an encouraging trend.