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Skybags Launches Stylish 2022 Backpack Collection With #Backtocool Campaign

Skybags Launches Stylish 2022 Backpack Collection With #Backtocool Campaign

Skybags, from the house of VIP Industries, unveils the stylish 2022 Skybags Backpack Collection with a new #BackToCool campaign to celebrate a stylish return to normalcy post-pandemic. Backpacks have become an indispensable fashion accessory for youths across India. Now you can reunite with friends in real time, play team sports together, party and socialize with the squad, and celebrate togetherness… Read more →

Veeba Introduces A New Plant Protein And Jaggery-Based ‘Health Food Drink-Provee’

Press Release Curated by Indian mothers and backed by Science, Veena, a home-grown food brand has launched an innovative health food drink (HFD) brand for kids, named it ‘Provee’. With 21 essential nutrients, Provee’s formula includes plant-based protein and is made with jaggery and has no added maltodextrin, artificial flavours, and colours which are common ingredients in other food drinks.… Read more →

10 Best New Year Resolutions To Take In 2021

    Learn Something New It is always exciting to take up a new skill or craft. What’s that something that has been piquing your curiosity for long? Music, painting or drawing, dancing, singing or learning a new language, give it a chance and see how good you feel about yourself afterwards. Quit Bad Habits Though this might sound cliché, but it’s very important. Whether… Read more →

Are You Sanskari Or Unsanskari?

With modernization taking over and the socioeconomic divide growing, we find that there are two types of youth. We have the youth that are considered ‘sanskari’ or traditional and well cultured and the others who shun the ‘sanskari’ title and are flexible enough to live a more daring life of being ‘unsanskari’. However, does this mean that those who choose… Read more →

Top 10 Chanakya Niti Sastras For Your Personal Life

In an era where we have an abundance of information, it is easy to forget the golden teachings of olden times. Despite that fact that Chanakya Niti was written in the metaphorical ‘days of old’ it is quite astonishing that the level of relevance the teachings have in our modern lives. This well-aged piece of work is divided into both… Read more →

Modern, Eco-Friendly Holi Ideas For All Age Groups

Holi is popularly touted as the Hindu festival that celebrates Spring and honours Lord Krishna. While this is true, the festival is also observed by Sikhs, Newar Buddhists, some Jains, and other groups of non-Hindus. This festival of colours is much anticipated since it is an excuse for all age groups to get messy in colours and revive their inner child.… Read more →

Bollywood Weddings: A Boon or Bane to the Youth?

The Year 2018 has witnessed some of the biggest names in Bollywood coming together in holy matrimony. We witnessed Sonam Kapoor start off her wedded bliss in style with a classy wedding and as the year progressed, the names added to the ‘hitched’ list just got bigger and the celebrations got wilder! Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi garnered a lot… Read more →

Pros And Cons Of Having A ‘Pet’

Pets are the most lovable and loyal creatures to their owners. Though lacking a sixth sense, their senses of love and companionship is enough to challenge even a human’s! Having a pet is usually a great idea for youngsters but it also comes with its own negatives. Let us take a look at the Pros and Cons of owning a… Read more →

5 Fabulous Must-Try looks For Women – Women’s Day Special

Hello Fashionistas! This women’s day, Babendude brings a list of Go-To styles especially for all the women out there. Going to a party? Planning for your Birthday dress? Preparing for a special date but can’t figure out how to look irresistible? If these are the concerns circling your mind, then you need not worry. Let’s face it, women have a… Read more →

Do You Know These Strange Bans Of The World

Around the world, people believe different things. This, in turn, has led to every culture having its own unique framework for what is morally acceptable and what is not. Sometimes this even results in different things being outlawed in various parts of the world that might be viewed as a bit strange to others. We look at ten of the… Read more →

Top 10 New Year Resolutions & Best Ways To Keep These

A new year is upon us and gives everyone the chance to hit refresh and make some changes to their life. New Year resolutions are done every year, but many times it becomes difficult to stick by them. Here, at Babendude, we have compiled a few simple tricks and techniques which can be taken to help ensure that you adhere… Read more →

Movies That Can Shape Modern Youth

Movies shape a large part our lives while influencing us to act in a certain way and develop certain habits based off our favorite characters. There is no doubt that movies can inspire greatness within us. Here are some movies from Bollywood and Hollywood that can move the soul towards greatness. Here is a list of movies to get you… Read more →

Winter Fashion : Trending Attire For Babe N Dude

In a world where first impressions matter and where people give importance to their personal presentation, the fashion industry is booming with designs and advise for the common youth. Winter making its wet way into our lives, here are some of the fashionable trends that are taking over the nation. For Him: Male fashion is almost as sought after as… Read more →

Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi Festival Eco-Friendly Way

 ॐ गम गणपतये नमः Ganesh Chaturthi festival calls for a lot of sweets, statues and traditional parades! Some of the practices may not be quite eco-friendly. Celebrations start with the purchase of a clay Lord Ganesha statue which eventually will be dissolved in a nearby water body. The occasion calls for a parade that transports the clay made Lord to… Read more →

Dear Youth, Be A Speaker, But A Listener First

Millennials and youth get a lot of slack for being quite jumpy about things. Truth be told, the older generations will always find something to nit-pick about with the younger generations. This article is not one of them to find fault or advice the youth to be something. Rather, it is an emphasis of an age old saying, but with… Read more →

10 Fascinating Hobbies For Today’s Youth

Well! It’s true that the current youth have no time for hobbies as they are busy leading digital life. But with the current surge in Social Media and various platforms to showcase talents, it seems that having a hobby may not seem to be such a bad idea. In fact, having a fascinating idea can bring some penny as well.… Read more →

Gym Rules For Gym Goers

Being fit and health is important. And gym is a place where we exercise to be in shape. Gym houses numerous exercise equipment’s, machines, tools, but there are certain unwritten rules every gym-goers should follow before stepping into the gym.     Exercise Rather Socialize You shouldn’t talk on phone, text, or chat with other gym-goers. It’s not a place… Read more →

Smartphone Applications Helpful In Traveling

  Travel! Travel! N Travel! This is something, which makes us jovial, sanguine, everything is so positive about traveling. Travel has become an important part of our everyday life. But today onwards we urge you to travel safely and smartly. How? Read below… You can’t think of traveling without your smartphone, but make sure you download these relevant apps on… Read more →

World Environment Day Special

On this world environment day, BabenDude celebrates the beauty of our planet #WorldEnvironmentDay ‘Love Your Environment’, ‘Love Your Planet Come, let’s join hands to save the earth from global warming. What you should do on #WorldEnvironmentDay Plant a seed/sapling Travel by public transport/CNG vehicles Make changes from household level Turn off lights/A.C. when not in use Switch to renewable sources… Read more →

Anger Management Tips For Youth

Some feelings are hard to cope with and ‘Anger’ is one of them.  Know some ‘Anger Management Tips’ For Babe n Dude Do you constantly get annoyed or angry about anything and everything – on family, at office, on traffic, on children activity, on career, on weight issues, on relationship, on friends…Uncontrolled anger can ruin your health, career, relationships and… Read more →

Summer Proof Hacks For Youth

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start making plans for your epic summer vacation. But, how about the look? Are you ready to step outside in the hot-humid temperature? Well, we just want you to enjoy your vacation fully but before that, make sure you are summer-proof. We have accumulated some clever grooming hacks for… Read more →

Clever Hacks For House Party

Big parties need big budget, but some amusing parties just need some creative and clever ideas, that can add glam and glitz to a house party. A happening party is incomplete without decoration, foodstuff, lighting, and music. So from glowing cotton candies, to some confetti balloons, from some starry string lights to glittery champagne bottles, we’ve put together a lot… Read more →


Foods for Dudes… Almonds– Not all the dry fruits boys…But Almonds for sure, as they are loaded with healthy unsaturated fats, protein, fiber, and vitamin E which is great for your heart, digestive system, and skin. Quinoa– Ideal for you guys. Quinoa is a great source of fiber and B vitamins, along with heart-healthy unsaturated fats. So dudes must add… Read more →

Do you know??? Health Special

Do you know??? Farting helps reduce high blood pressure (HBP)? Banging head against a wall burns calories? Holding your breath help with hiccups? Yawning cools down an overheated brain, allows us to think more clearly and have a better concentration? Masturbation is a good sleeping pill? It’s time to try a new sleep aid Tongue scraping reduces the chances of developing… Read more →

Revamp Home, Relive Life

    Home is where the heart is It’s time to ‘Revamp Home, Revive Life’ Let’s decorate and enhance the overall look of your home. Make your living room appear as much appealing as possible, your bedrooms as beautiful as possible. Plus don’t forget to add greenery to your balcony and lawn area. Do as much experiment as you can.… Read more →