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Financial Literacy: Meaning, Importance, & Benefits

Financial Literacy: Meaning, Importance, & Benefits

‘Financial Literacy In India” Get the best financial assistance and acquire the right knowledge for making smarter financial decisions. Know how you can enhance your financial knowledge. Know about how you can get financial assistance and gain useful lessons for making informed decisions. Having the right financial knowledge equips an individual in making better decisions and managing one’s financial resources… Read more →

Copywriting Benefits In Digital Marketing, Advertising & In Your Business

Conveying what your business is about in an impactful way is vital. Copywriting has become an integral aspect of digital marketing and it goes much beyond bringing words together to form sentences. Persuasive copywriting is what helps capture your audience’s attention. Hire the top content writing & copywriting services in Delhi NCR today and take your business to the next… Read more →

5 Reasons & Benefits To Get Vaccinated: COVID-19 News Report

5 Reasons & Benefits To Get Vaccinated : COVID-19 News Report

“Getting vaccinated is safer than getting infected” All COVID-19 licensed vaccines currently available to the public in India (Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin Vaccine and Serum Institute- Oxford University-AstraZeneca’s Covishield vaccine) have been shown to be safe and effective at preventing COVID-19. COVID-19 vaccine lets you resume activities:- After you are fully vaccinated, you may be able to travel without quarantining, both… Read more →

How Does Professional Voice Over Services Benefit Your Business, Improve Your Business Reach By Babendude

How Does Professional Voice Over Services Benefit Your Business, Improve Your Business Reach

Digitalization has increased the demand for voice talent around the globe. Have you noticed the voice talent behind the audiobooks you keenly listen to? Businesses rely on professional voice-over artists for achieving their marketing & advertising needs and connecting with their audience. Nowadays, the best voice over service providers are hired for creating training modules, corporate presentations, animated explainer videos,… Read more →

5 Signs You Need Professional Voice Over Help Today-Babendude

5 Signs You Need Professional Voice Over Help Today

For any business, a successful marketing strategy is the key to achieve brand recognition and reach new heights. That also involves choosing the right media services and different types of voice overs that works for your brand. Quality voice-overs are as crucial as visual content to capture the attention of the audience. The online space has so much to offer… Read more →

YouTube Videos For Business Growth: Everything You Need To Know

New forms of digital marketing are emerging today, and YouTube is one of the excellent platforms for any business that is focusing on video marketing to expand its digital presence. Hire a YouTube promotion Agency in Delhi to drive your business forward.   The journey of YouTube from being a mere video-sharing platform to a mainstream social media and successful digital… Read more →

Farmers’ Protest In India: All Your Questions Answered

If you have been on the internet for a while or surfing newspapers, news channels daily, you would already have an idea that farmers in India have been organising protests against the new farm laws the Government is vigorously planning to implement. There had been widespread farmers protest in Delhi and neighbouring areas witnessed recently. The peaceful protests had also… Read more →

SEO Content Writing For Every Business – Need & Importance

 The internet is very much changing the world and the way we communicate. Content marketing has become crucial for any business today, given the competition in capturing a wider audience. By creating high-quality content, you allow your brand to convey the right message and gain the attention of your customers. All you need is to hire an SEO content writing… Read more →

Top News Stories Of 2020 Round-Up : From Pandemic To Protest

‘2020’ year will be remembered as a ‘Cursed Year’ as this year had changed everything for everyone and forever. 2020 has ruled with some of the biggest news stories which made our lives worst. People lost many of their loved ones from the Coronavirus epidemic. The whole year contained world-changing yet paradigm-shifting developments. In India, predominantly the pandemic, protests, and… Read more →

US Presidential Election 2020: Joe Biden becomes 46th US President; Kamala Harris As Vice-President

American Voters had a clear choice for President on Election Day, between two presidential candidates, either Republican incumbent ‘Donald Trump’ or Democratic Hopeful ‘Joe Biden’. ALSO READ- Donald Trump India Visit- All You Need To Know And here’s the result, the 77-year-old former US vice president has become the 46th president of the United States. But where does Joe Biden stand… Read more →

Celebrate Mask Wali Safe Diwali During COVID-19 Pandemic

Unlike every year, this year our Diwali celebrations would be indoors due to pandemic, we may not visit our friend’s, relative’s, loved one’s house, we may not exchange Diwali gifts, sweet boxes, the way we used to, and of course considering the polluting environment, we should not also burn crackers. But still, the festive spirit should not go dim and… Read more →

New Motor Vehicle Rules 2020 : 5 Key Things To Know

To ensure commuter convenience, the Union ministry of road transport and highways has notified some new motor vehicle rules. These new rules and changes, to be effective from 1st October 2020, were brought in by the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2019. ALSO READ :- D614G | New Coronavirus Strain, More Infectious COVID Mutation – 8 Things To Know The new… Read more →

Coronavirus Travel Advice & New International Travel Rules

Coronavirus Travel Advice & New International Travel Rules Are you considering rescheduling travel that you have put off due to this outbreak? Maybe you have several pending tasks related to family, work etc. that require you to travel. So, you may need a list of precautions to be taken care of and also the new travel rules implemented after this… Read more →

Post pandemic

What India’s Future Holds Post-Coronavirus

What The Future Holds: COVID-19 & The Indian Economy Coronavirus will be remembered as a world re-ordering event. It will accelerate and change social and economic changes that otherwise would have taken years to materialize. We surely would beat the virus; our economies would eventually recover from the punishing recession it has brought about. But when the turmoil settles, the… Read more →

New Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020): Key Proposals, Major Challenges & More

About Education Policy 2020 Modi Government announces the New Education Policy 2020 which brings out the major reforms in the education system. The NEP 2020 is meant to provide an overreaching and far-fetched vision and comprehensive framework for both schools and higher education across the country. This policy aims at making ‘India a global knowledge superpower’. ALSO READ:- Babendude Launches Affordable… Read more →

How India is preparing for 74th Independence Day amid COVID-19 pandemic? 

This year’s Independence Day celebrations will be a severely restricted affair, both in the national capital and across the country, in light of the Coronavirus pandemic that has infected a massive population. Read below to know this year’s Independence Day schedule, major changes in celebration, protocols, and restrictions have been issued. Schedule Guard of honor by Armed Forces and the Delhi… Read more →

Babendude Launches Affordable Face Masks & Shields To Ensure Protection Against COVID-19 Virus, India’s youngest digital news portal, which offers a comprehensive solution for youth, has launched the most affordable Face Masks, Face Shields, and Sanitizers to ensure three levels of protection against harmful viruses and bacteria. Bearing in mind the on-going Coronavirus pandemic, a variety of Face Masks, Face Shields, and Sanitizers have been introduced with an aim to offer quality, comfort,… Read more →

Air Purifier FAQs: To Combat The Spread Of Airborne Disease & To Have A Healthier Life

Based on various researches, Scientists and experts around the world have found out that New Coronavirus is ‘Airborne‘. Therefore, keeping people safe and informed about the Coronavirus, is an important question. Hand wash, hand sanitization, and face mask are perhaps not enough. Now it has become important to sanitize the air as well, keep indoor air rid of all kinds… Read more →

Lockdown Impact On Environment, Animals Globally: COVID19

COVID-19 has engulfed almost every nation of the world. It’s quite evident that humanity is facing its biggest threat after the Second World War. Factories, offices, travel & transport have been partially shut down globally and entire nations have implemented partial lockdown as a containment measure. Although, such steps will have drastic economic consequences but there is something positive coming… Read more →

List Of Chinese Products, Services, & Applications, Can Be Banned In India

With the India-China border disputes escalating rapidly, there are calls to boycott the Chinese products and services across the country, but some experts suggest that the boycott of China’s products and services will be easier said than done; currently, Indians aren’t in a condition to boycott Chinese goods. According to the latest Google research, it can be stated that India’s… Read more →

Top 25 Coronavirus Related Trending Words & Their Meanings

During this tough phase of life, most of us are staying home and following news and updates related to coronavirus i.e. COVID19 by watching TV news channels, reading newspapers, listening radio, through applications etc. but sometimes, we aren’t aware of those confusing and technical terms being used pertaining to the outbreak. Understanding these terms is essential and through this blog,… Read more →

10 Simple Tips To Be Productive During Work From Home Period

Home-based work may feel challenging during this uncertain time and you may feel frightened & anxious. It takes time to adapt to a different lifestyle, allow yourself some time to adjust to your new work life.  Here are some simple tips for you so that you become productive during work from home. ALSO READ- Top 10 Simple Tips To Stay Calm… Read more →

Top 10 Simple Tips To Stay Calm During Lockdown And Be Productive During Quarantine Period

  As COVID-19 is progressing, its adverse effects on the world are noticeable. Nearly, the entire human population is trapped due to severe and strict nationwide lockdowns. Economies are crashing and severe recession across the globe seems inevitable. News and media are talking only about the pandemic and its ill effects. It is extremely important to stay positive to win… Read more →

Stellar’s ‘Remote Data Recovery’ service helping businesses, individuals recover data

Now recover data seamlessly while working remotely through Stellar’s ‘Remote Data Recovery’ service Stellar has introduced it’s ‘Remote Data Recovery’ service in India that enables its customers to avail data recovery service at a real-time basis and resolve the data loss crisis in the present global exigency caused by Coronavirus i.e. COVID-19. Company’s ‘Online/Remote Data Recovery’ service requires just a… Read more →

The War Against Coronavirus (COVID-19) : Contribution by Companies

In the battle against deadly Coronavirus which has engulfed 6 out of all 7 continents, almost all individuals and groups are fighting back in their own ways. The Government of different nations is imposing restrictions on transportation, travel, and public places; people are on self- quarantine and new testing centers are under installation. Every moment we see that fight against… Read more →

Myths vs Facts – Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

  Share FACT, not FEAR Cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) are spreading all over the world at an alarming rate. To protect themselves and people around, some folks have been sharing facts whereas some are spreading rumors to spark fear amid the panic. As COVID-19 is a deadly disease, therefore, it is crucial to separate facts from rumors, and hence, Babendude… Read more →

Coronavirus Impact: List Of Events Postponed, Canceled Globally

Amidst the scare and prevention against COVID-19, Global events are either being postponed, canceled or being moved. Most of these events are organized periodically which includes various sport events, music festivals, conferences, food festivals, wellness events, political happenings and many more in which masses participate. Some major events happening in 2020 are Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Expo 2020 in Dubai,… Read more →

Coronavirus COVID19 Impact On Chaitra Navratri, Ram Navami Festival

  Ahead of Chaitra Navratri and Ram Navami, Babendude Team appeals devotees to celebrate the festival at home and avoid visiting a temple or doing religious gatherings. The Government has instructed district magistrates and police authorities to converse with religious leaders and take their help in driving home this message of avoiding any gatherings during this festive week. Chaitra Navratri… Read more →

Coronavirus (Covid-19): Our Mother Earth Is Taking A Break! Are You?

    Coronavirus (COVID-19), a pandemic growing sharply at an accelerated pace has been hurting the economy by calling off on traveling and tourism, workplaces, shopping malls, theatres, and other major happening places. In light of the coronavirus pandemic, the usual density of the crowds in public places across the world cannot be witnessed with each passing day. As the… Read more →

Coronavirus makes the festival of colors Holi ‘colorless’

Impact of Corona on Holi Holi, the festival of colors and happiness is here, but the novel coronavirus has scared people worldwide. Sales of Holi products plunge as the fear of infectious disease grips consumer sentiments. This year, Holi traders witness a huge downfall amid COVID-19 outbreak otherwise they claim that there would be a mind-boggling sight under normal situations.… Read more →