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SECTION 377 LGBTQ Community Law In India, 10 Unknown Facts

The Supreme Court’s verdict in order to put its chains on Section 377 came to much applause from the Indian LGBTQ community. Joining the LGBTQ individuals, we saw a surprising number of youth and celebrities welcoming the new change. The popular view among them was that sexual orientation is an unchangeable force of nature as per psychological fact, hence no… Read more →

Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas For Single Soul!

The most romantic day of the year: Valentine’s Day! is here…While couples may have a number of ways to celebrate this day of love, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t do the same as a single person to celebrate the love for yourself and your life. Embrace Yourself! While the whole world is out there celebrating romance, take the time… Read more →

Relationship Boosters: 5 Celebrity Love Stories Worth Looking

Barack and Michelle Obama: The political foray is usually riddles with tales of cheating and multiple marriages, however, Barack and Michelle Obama are the ideal couple for a gracious and mutually respectful marriage. David and Victoria Beckham: On the international front we have this famous duo who has garnered great media attention ever since their love began to bud. The… Read more →

Things Youth Should Do For Their Parents Without Money

Parents are the most important beings ever present for an individual. With an upsurge in the number of residents checking into Old-Age homes, it seems that the future of the parents of today’s youth may be in question. Will they face the same fate? While the question is largely based on many factors, there are quite a few things that… Read more →

When Relationship Meets Responsibility

Falling in love seems to be a wondrous journey down a path filled with butterflies (just like the ones in our stomach the moment we hear our lover’s name). It is for a certain span of time. We spend sleepless nights with our lovers giggling and laughing, but soon the sleepless nights may turn to ones of tears and reassurances… Read more →

5 Languages Of Love For Today’s Youth

It is not uncommon for one to hear the debates on whether fulfilling marriages that last a lifetime are mere fantasy or an attainable feat. While the topic is open for debates among those, who agree or disagree with the institution of marriage, but there are a few couples who make us believe that ‘true love’ and a ‘long term… Read more →

Relationship Goals For Babe n Dude

Shape Up or Ship Out It’s time to be ‘Real’ in ‘RelationSHIP’ To add spark in your relationship, do some simple activities… You must have read many articles on relationships before, but this one is different from all. How? Well after witnessing so many relationship issues and relationship phenomenon, we have compiled the 5 best things which really bring closeness… Read more →

Amazing Yet Strange Sex Facts Youth Should Know

Do you know everything about sex? Well, there are some facts which are still under cover and we are sure that you have never heard them before. Know these strange yet weird sex facts and make yourself more- ahem ahem… rest you know… So here we go… Do you know that sperm is highly effective in treating face wrinkles? The human… Read more →