D614G | New Coronavirus Strain, More Infectious COVID Mutation – 8 Things To Know

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Everything You Need To Know About D614G

What is this new D614G virus? – Know Everything

The COVID-19 pandemic has given researchers and scientists one of the biggest challenges of the lifetime. While testing is still undergoing, there is no sign of vaccine for Coronavirus. COVID-19 was caused by SARS-CoV-2 and now D614G, a new mutation has been detected. It is said to be ten times more infectious than Coronavirus. D614G is the mutation of COVID-19.

What is D614G? Everything you need to know about 10 times more infectious COVID mutation

SARS-CoV-2 is the official name of the virus that causes COVID-19. Coronavirus is made up of spike proteins, and the recently discovered mutant of the virus is called D614G. D614G is present in the proteins and changes the amino acid position at 614, from D (aspartic acid) to G (glycine).

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D614G mutation of COVID-29 means a strain or part of which Coronavirus is made up of.

Researchers claim that D614G strain has a higher level of viral load and infectious pattern than that of virus ‘Wuhan1’. As per the lab studies, the original strain infects up to 4 cell lines while the new one is ten more times infectious.

Why the mutation was named D614G?

SARS-CoV-2 is the name officially been given to the novel Coronavirus that causes COVID-19 disease. D614G is the name that has been given to one of the mutations of the Coronavirus. D614G is the mutation in spike protein.

When did the D614G virus’s strain originate, how common is it?

While the D614G virus was detected in Malaysia recently, it has been reported that this strain has originated soon after the initial break-in Wuhan, China, in December last year, and has been around since then. About 70% of global samples have this strain present.

The new D614G virus changes the symptoms, treatments, and other factors.

Is the D614G strain more contagious?

The D614G mutation is likely to raise the contagious nature of SARS-CoV-2. According to a study by a university in Florida, the mutated strand may make it easier for the virus to enter human cells, and duplicate further.

However, as these are the results of lab studies, the original result might be different when in contact with humans.  D614G is on a rapid spread pace in Malaysia.

Does D614G increase COVID-19 transmissibility?

The characteristics of the virus are still unknown and medical experts are trying to get a better understanding of it. All viruses mutate constantly because they are duplicating constantly. While some of the changes help the virus reproduce, others may hinder it and some changes might make no difference at all.

According to the researchers, D614G mutation SARS-CoV-2 has not proved the increased viral COVID-19 transmissibility.

Is the D614G mutation likely to affect the efficiency of the COVID-19 vaccine?

Medical experts state that till now that mutant only brings changes in the protein spike and most likely won’t affect the immunogenicity much. This means that the vaccine made for COVID-19 can be used for D614G strain as well. However, anything can be officially said once the vaccine comes out.

Can we say the Worse is yet to come? Or the 10 times more infectious Coronavirus mutation may be a ‘good thing’?

Nothing much can still be said about the D614G variant. The revelation of how dangerous the mutant is has brought the worst fear of experts forward. The world is still suffering from the ongoing pandemic. One can’t even think of the possible threat and disaster does D614G poses for humanity. D614G mutation can also have a chance to spread in India.

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A senior consultant at the University of Singapore says that maybe D614G mutant that “maybe it’s a good thing to have a virus that is more infectious but less deadly”.

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Till we know things better, let’s take precautions by practicing social distancing and quarantines as Coronavirus is scary.

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