Aatmanirbhar Bharat – All You Need To Know About ‘Self Reliant India’

self reliant babendudeWith the onset of the pandemic of Coronavirus, our nation has fought against all odds to mitigate the spread of the Virus. We have been able to produce over 2 Lac PPE kits daily for the healthcare sector and its production is growing rapidly. The journey from being dependent on China for PPE Kits, Face Masks, Test Kits and getting defected material to being producing Swadeshi PPE Kits, Face masks & Test Kits on our own in large quantities is evident from going self- reliant.

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Swadeshi movement is encouraging ‘Vocal for Local’ Indian products and giving a boost to the Indian economy. It does not mean neglecting foreign investment or neglecting new technology. Self-reliant India converts to a bigger and more important part of the global economy. 

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The five pillars of Self-Reliant India focuses on –

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Another big example of going self-reliant in the field of Mobile technology-5G network is growing rapidly across the globe. Reliance industries under the leadership of Mukesh Ambani have created 5G Technology from scratch. With home-grown technologies and solutions, world-class 5G service in India will be launched soon.

COVID-2019 has affected major sectors in the Indian economy. Hence, relief measures have been introduced to boost the income-generating sectors and other sectors which require little boost during crucial times. Let’s have a look at these sectors –

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About Aatmanirbhar Krishi

Aatmanirbhar Krishi has been launched to provide maximum benefit to the farmers from the production of essential commodities so as to increase their income, promote fair and ethical trade practices. One Nation- One Market has been launched which helps in expanding market access for farmers.

As we say there is an opportunity in every adversity. No campaign would be complete without challenges which make the country to strive hard to make this initiative successful because this would make our country position in the global arena Strong as we are going Self – Reliant.

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