US Presidential Election 2020: Joe Biden becomes 46th US President; Kamala Harris As Vice-President

American Voters had a clear choice for President on Election Day, between two presidential candidates, either Republican incumbent ‘Donald Trump’ or Democratic Hopeful ‘Joe Biden’.

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And here’s the result, the 77-year-old former US vice president has become the 46th president of the United States.

But where does Joe Biden stand on key issues? Let’s briefly understand the policies. 

Joe Biden winning manifesto is dependent on 8 factors –

When he formally introduced his entry into the presidential seat, he declared that he is supporting 2 things-

Workers- who built this country

Values – that can bridge these divisions

  • Coronavirus – The whole world is battling this dangerous virus. The approach of Donald Trump was not up to the mark, in fact, it attracted a lot many negative reviews from the general public and other political democrats as the number of people who died due to Coronavirus was highest in the US. Joe Biden’s approach would be different. He has advocated free national tests across the country and to hire 1Lac people to set up a national contact tracing program. He wants to establish every 10 testing centers in each state. Governors should mandate wearing masks. He had alarmed Federal Agencies to deploy resources.

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  • Jobs and Money– Raising minimum wages and invest in green energy. On the onset of Coronavirus, many people have lost their jobs. He has promised to extend loans to small businessmen and increase direct money payments to families. The proposal is to increase 200$ in social security payments per month, revoke trump era tax cuts, and student loans. He supports minimum wage workers and extending his support to increase the minimum wages and has increased his investment in green energy. Boosting green energy helps minimum wage workers. His 2020 plans include the Federal Government to invest in US-made materials, services, research, and technology.

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  • Race – Criminal justice reforms, grants for minority communities- there has been unrest in the USA due to racism. He had pledged his support to create business support for minorities through 30 Billion investment funds. A built back program had been made up to support minorities group. He has also plan for the rehabilitation of released prisoners.

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  • Climate change – This climate change is affecting each and every country. Due to global warming, cutting emissions is the call of the moment. He would invest in green technology research and want the US to do reach net zero emissions by 2050. His plan is also to create jobs in manufacturing green energy products.

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  • Foreign Policy– To restore the country’s reputation, he wants to change the country’s image from an isolated stage to a multilateral and engaging stage worldwide, his foremost plan is to solve national issues first. He wants to focus on improving the relationship with the US allies – particularly with the NATO Alliance.

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  • Expand Obamacare in Health Care- He had plans to expand the public health insurance scheme plan passed with 97% of Americans to be covered. He also gives the option to enroll for the public health insurance option which provides medical benefits to elders above 60 years of age.
  • Immigration- Promised to revoke the immigration policies laid down by the Trump right from the US- Mexicans borders problem of separating children from their parents, revoke on the number of Asylum candidates and uplift the ban from various Muslim countries.
  • Expand Pre-school- He had advocated for student loan forgiveness, expansion of tuition-free colleges, universal preschool access. These would be paid from money back gained from withdrawing trump era tax cuts.

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