Durga Puja Celebration 2020 : Tips To Stay Safe During Festivals In Times Of COVID-19

Every year, we have special plans during festivities but this time it will be different. Celebrations would happen, but with a face mask and other precautions, sweet and snacks shops would remain open, but due to the coronavirus epidemic, we would not able to enjoy outside food.

Durga Puja is one of the biggest festivals in India, especially in West Bengal state with a massive crowd gathering. But this year, due to the pandemic, the celebration has to mellow down looking at the health perspective. The devotees are a little bit disappointed as there would be no gatherings. But those who visit Poojo pandals, rules, and protocols have to be followed.

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5 Tips to stay safe during festivities in times of COVID-19

As festival times have started with Durga Puja, followed by Dusshera, Diwali and Eid, paramount importance has been given to health as this time pandemic has hit our lives and it is there to stay for longer till vaccine comes into the market. Let’s dive deep into the precautions one must follow during festivities to keep our near and dear ones safe.

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  • Follow safety precautions It’s been several months since the pandemic has started, people have accepted as this would stay here for long, but still, we see some fellow roaming freely without a mask. Neglecting social norms, avoiding face masks can be dangerous so it is advisable to follow safety precautions. Wearing face masks, washing hands regularly are some of the precautions one must follow to ensure everyone is safe around you.
  • Don’t ignore any symptomsRecent studies show that COVID-19 symptoms may be the authentic marker of the infection. Many people who have been contracted the virus shows no sign of illness. Other people might have mild symptoms should not ignore or think of seasonal flu. Quarantine oneself, staying home, taking all essential medications is important. This is to keep oneself safe as low immunity individuals to be more prone to COVID-19.

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  • Avoid Assumptions/Misconception– There is the dangerous assumption that once a person is infected with this virus and got recovered, it cannot relapse. People who have been infected with this deadly virus and have recovered also, need to be extra cautious about their health. Assuming anything about the behavior of the virus can be dangerous. There are cases where people have been recovered and being tested positive again. So, don’t be in a relaxed state until the vaccine comes to the market.
  • ‘Namaste’ Greetings – ‘Namaste’ is the Indian way of greeting people which has become savior during pandemic times. Rather than shaking hands and spreading virus through hands, the best way is to greet people through folded hands.
  • Refrain from eating outside Recent studies does not claim that virus can be passed/transferred through food. But, still it is advisable to avoid outside junk/food to contain the spread of the virus and also to evade any stomach infections which can adversely affect immunity and overall health. Home-cooked food is the best meal to have in terms of hygiene yet safety especially during the festive time.

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Well! One interesting thing is since everything has gone virtual, so why not virtual pujas? Associations/ Committees have organized online pujas for senior citizens and virtual screenings of Durga puja will also be shown to Million of devotees. Sounds fascinating, isn’t it? Please share your views on our Facebook page and Let’s celebrate ‘Mask Wali Puja’ in order to curb the spread of COVID-19.

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