Celebrate Mask Wali Safe Diwali During COVID-19 Pandemic

Unlike every year, this year our Diwali celebrations would be indoors due to pandemic, we may not visit our friend’s, relative’s, loved one’s house, we may not exchange Diwali gifts, sweet boxes, the way we used to, and of course considering the polluting environment, we should not also burn crackers. But still, the festive spirit should not go dim and we shall continue to dress up in traditional attire the way we always do, light up diyas/candles, clean and decorate home, craft Rangoli, prepare home-made sweets, feast and other special dishes, shop for gold or kitchen utensils to help bring good fortune, exchange good wishes with loved ones through video call, perform Puja and worship Lord Ram, Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesh to get their blessings and pray ‘victory of light over darkness, good over evil’ and most importantly, help the less fortunate and spread love.

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Now, through this blog, we would like to share a few good ways to celebrate ‘Pollution-free’, ‘Noiseless’ and ‘Eco-friendly’ Diwali


  • Exchange Unique Diwali Gifts – Sanitizer, Face Mask, Air Purifier…

It’s little incomplete to celebrate Diwali without exchanging gifts, but due to the current situation, moving out can become little risky for you and loved ones. So, this year, there has been special attention given to health and health-related products. Thus, one can gift beautiful Face Mask, Sanitizer, Air Purifier, Air Purifying Plants, Immunity Rich Foods like Dry Fruits.


  • Say ‘No’ To Sweets and Savories & ‘Yes’ to Immunity Boosters

This epidemic has taught us the importance of health and immunity. Diwali, being the festival of sweets and savories. At the onset of epidemic, people have been following various health regimes like from going by the age-old immunity boosters to modern food supplements. So, better we stick to that and give our relatives, friends and loved ones gifts in a form of immunity boosters like dry fruits, herbs, Ayurveda infused products instead of traditional mithai (sweets).


  • Maintain Physical Distance & Bring Virtual Closeness

Diwali is a festival where people come together, eat together, enjoy together, pray together, and rejoice the festivity with great fun and fervor. But due to pandemic, maintaining social distance with each other is very important at the same time connecting virtually shouldn’t be missed. And, keep little distance from sweet dishes too.

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  • Keep House Clean & Surroundings Green

This Diwali, not only keep your home clean but also your surroundings in order to safeguard everyone nearby from this deadly virus. To keep your surroundings clean and green, plant sapling/trees, this will also combat Air pollution which is hazardous in metro cities. Constantly sanitizing the house floor, surfaces, doors handles, etc. is also necessary atleast twice/thrice a day.


  • Gratitude Brings Happiness

This year had been the year of ‘Gratitude’. We were/are thankful to God every moment. There are a lot things going on in our mental state during such crisis. There have been worries about future, as everybody wants to lead a normal life post this pandemic, so pray and show gratitude every time. This Diwali, let’s help each other by keeping positive frame of mind.

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Mask Wali Diwali – 3 Important Things To Know


The Government has issued an advisory for people in order to curb the further spread of COVID-19. They have issued an advisory to people to celebrate the Diwali festival with precautions, measures, and protocols.

  • The new normal would be “Mask Wali Diwali’. One has to wear face masks in lieu of upcoming festivals. Let’s not dampen the spirit of these festivals by falling prey to Coronavirus.
  • The pandemic trajectory is different across the country but the data suggests that the first COVID-19 wave is now receding for India at large but we can’t relax at bay.

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  • Winters are here! change in climate would bring seasonal viruses, Air pollution is also affecting lungs and our respiratory system, so we have to be more careful, more conscious towards our health, especially senior citizens and kids who need extra precaution and care.

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This Diwali, let’s help those who are badly affected by this pandemic. Let’s help unprivileged, lower sections of society. Let’s help our local manufacturers/vendors by buying local things (eco-friendly diyas, candles, lights, etc.) and boost their morale and encourage them during this crucial time and help them recover from the financial burden. As our honorable PM Modi Ji also encouraged to ‘Buy Local’ & ‘Be Vocal For Local’.

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