How Social Media Has Emerged As A Ray Of Hope Amid Pandemic For Business?


5 Social media marketing trends 2021-22
5 Social media marketing trends 2021-22

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought devastating consequences for almost all kinds of businesses. A lot of small businesses and some large organizations have even come down to the point of collapse. Businesses that can function through remote workplaces and those that have adapted to new circumstances are the only ones that have survived. Social media has helped a lot in bringing this adaptability. Let’s look at the ways how this technology has helped businesses to survive and thrive in times of crisis:

Instead of developing sales-specific content, many brands are now creating engaging yet fun content that is helpful for their target audience. Regularly interact through live chats, participate in group discussions, share tips on certain topics, host contests etc. This sort of content leads to consumer engagement and builds brand reputation through social media marketing activities.

Many companies are using social media platforms to communicate about their product launches, policy updates, and other important news. Emails and other channels are less in trend nowadays because they require more effort & time.

Communication through online videos

Many small businesses involved in training & mentoring use online videos to serve customer-centric needs online from the comfort of their home.

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5 Social Media Marketing Essentials for Business

To effectively use social media marketing tools, there are certain points to be considered. Let’s have a look at them:

  1. Don’t overdo posting: Don’t overwhelm yourself by posting too much content on too many marketing platforms. Quality matters a lot.
  2. Know your audience & act accordingly: Know the likes, dislikes, and needs of your target audience through their engagement activities.
  3. Learn & share: Your posts should aim to solve the problem. They must sound helpful.
  4. Communication is a key: Two- way communication is essential, so understand your audience and reply to them, if they have any query, concern or suggestions. Engage them in the comment section and try to have a communication with your user base.
  5. Focus on your agenda: Get to know what you intend to do. Don’t divert your goal and your audience too.

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5 Social media marketing trends to implement in 2021-22

We have listed below the top 5 social media marketing trends that one can implement 2021-22:

  1. Live meetings and live streams to be preferred over in-person meetings
  2. Emphasis on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance customer engagement
  3. Use easy-to-consume content for the target audience
  4. Instagram stories over feed posts to strengthen your online community
  5. Implement chatbots in your social media marketing strategy

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In the present competitive digital age, it is necessary that you stay one step ahead of your competitors and social media undoubtedly helps you boost your business. For top-notch social media services, choose professionals social media marketing services by the best company that has been awarded the best social media agency in Delhi.

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