Winter Fashion : Trending Attire For Babe N Dude

In a world where first impressions matter and where people give importance to their personal presentation, the fashion industry is booming with designs and advise for the common youth. Winter making its wet way into our lives, here are some of the fashionable trends that are taking over the nation.

For Him:

Male fashion is almost as sought after as their female counterparts. Today, men are also given many options to choose from rather than their typical formal and casual wear. Here are 5 fashion trends for men.

  1. Long, Shine and Gloss: Usually these two terms are used in women’s wear. The current trend sees a great upsurge in long jackets and coats with a shiny metallic finish or a glossy plastic outer layer. This gives a futuristic look straight out of a Sci-Fi movie.

  2. Denim all the way: For that casual yet warm look, denim jackets and denim jeans can never go wrong when it comes to keeping one warm and stylish.

  3. High Boots: Boots are a great way to keep the wet and cold away from your toes. High boots worn to show off a sense of class can be a killer look for the winter.

  4. Wide Jeans: The Skinny jean trend has been traded in for a much baggier version called wide jeans. However, this may be a hard one to pull off for men of all body types.

  5. Beanies: Headwear is a crucial part of winter and the beanie is back in fashion this year! It gives a rather French touch to your ensemble while keeping your head and ears warm.

For Her:

Female fashion options seem to have quite a rotational quality with older trends coming back in fashion. Let’s take a look.

  1. Stripes are In: Stripes are back in fashion, especially bold stripes on sweaters. Choose horizontal or vertical stripes according to your body-type.

  2. Plaid Short-Skirts: Of course, people may be scandalized at the idea of short-skirts in winter, but these are not to be worn alone. Leggings or warm stockings are to be worn underneath to keep the cold away.

  3. Large Sweaters: Oversize sweaters and jackets have been made the rage by Hollywood icons and Pop singers like Ariana Grande. Go mega-size this winter while looking chick!

  4. Knee-length Boots: We have seen models Gigi Hadid and Winnie Harlow rock the extremely high boots. Not only are the boots warm, but they provide a sense of haut fashion that on-lookers will be dying to emulate!

  5. Waist cinchers: With all the frumpy clothing to be worn to keep us warm, waist cinchers have become the craze to wear, almost like a belt, which allows her to flaunt her figure if she chooses to!

Despite all these trends, it is not to be forgotten that each one of us is unique. Being true to ourselves is the biggest ‘in-fashion’ statement anyone can use!