Habits Youth Must Quit, Before It’s Too Late

Education doesn’t seem to be the answer to making right choices. With more and more youth being empowered with knowledge and many of them holding coveted degrees, the 21st-century youth still have trouble choosing the best of habits. Habits can largely influence the course of one’s life. If you happen to find yourself trapped in the web of bad habits it’s never too late to turn things around. Here are some of the habits that today’s youth must quit before it is too late!

  1. Smoking: Despite the awareness about cancer and the adverse effects of smoking, it appears that there are still a lot of our current youth indulging in the habit. the tar in cigarettes is toxic and damages the smoker’s lungs. By smoking, you not only endanger yourself but also your loved ones. So it is never too late to get help to quit!


  1. Alcohol and Drug Abuse: Perhaps the need to be relieved of the pressures of the modern day world may be running high, but there are other ways to deal with stress. Stimulants and drugs will only add to the harm. Drugs like marijuana, heroin, weed, ganja, affect your brain, damage your organs.


  1. Taking ‘Things’ & ‘People’ For Granted: Count your blessings every day. Don’t wait for a better future or regret your past, don’t wait for a perfect job or relationship, don’t crave for more money, more whatever. Life is already beautiful. Cherish it right here, right now.  And also, ‘Be Thankful’.


  1. Excessive Junk Food: Apps make delivery of junk food easier while the calorie, processed sugar, and excess fat intake are left unchecked. Excess of junk can cause obesity, diabetes, and heart So if you love eating junk, have in limit and track the intake of calories, salt, sugar, fat, so that it remains within the healthy limit. Plus, sweat out.


  1. Obsessive Phone Checking: Many psychologists call it ‘Obsessive Compulsive Disorder’. Despite the fact that phones have an alert mechanism, youth may find themselves checking their phones for no reason leading to increased anxiety states. Further, a phone shouldn’t be used while it is connected to a charger.


A few more additions or habits below that are ruining youth lifestyle.

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Cyber Stalking: Social Media profiles have made it easy for anyone to stalk on anyone they want. Some youth have the habit of stalking their friends, enemies even exes on Social Media. Stop it, it not benefiting you at all.

DUI (Driving Under Influence): It is something that the current youth take for granted after partying. It is important to make them aware of the consequences of such acts. Drinking & driving can kill you and others. So be careful.

Spend Thrift Behavior: The current generation has been labeled as the ‘Peter-Pan’ generation as they are said to be the most indulged by their parents till an older age. This leads to the habit of spending without knowing the value of money. Don’t be reckless and wasteful with your money.

Change is the only thing that is constant in this world. Don’t feel bad if you find yourself caught in any of the mentioned habits! Challenge yourself to be the best that you can be…

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