Online banking- Be careful Babe and Stay secure Dude

‘With technology comes ease, With ease comes risk’


Online banking is convenient for us as well as for hackers.

Hence, it is always advisable to stay safe while banking online. Online banking isn’t for everyone, that’s why some choose traditional banking. But online banking saves time and effort; one can undertake an extensive range of transactions from the comfort of home.

Data thefts, identity thefts are some common problems related to online scams and frauds. Lamentably, this can happen anywhere and can be caught right away or never. To avoid it, proper precautions need to be taken.

As online banking is widely getting popular, it has become important for users to keep some safety ladders in mind, so that their personal information’s remain safe and secure.

Be Careful, Be Secure

  • Use secure internet connection to connect with bank.
  • Use strong passwords and PIN’s.
  • Use updated and effective antivirus software.
  • Change passwords time to time & monitor accounts regularly.
  • Activate (2-way authentication process).
  • Delete browser’s cache and close the browser window when done.
  • Avoid unsolicited phone calls and unwanted mails.

So if we’ll apply these steps to help protect account, data, online banking remains safe.

Better Safe, Than Sorry!


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