Raksha Bandhan Vibes With Brothers & Sisters – Ways To Celebrate

Raksha Bandhan is known for its remarkable tradition of celebrating brotherly and sisterly love by enhancing the bond through deeds of generosity and kindness. Sisters are known to tie rakhis while brothers look forward to gifting their sisters with surprise gifts or cash. Not everyone is blessed with the love of a biological brother or sister. It is during these times that we should remember that brotherly and sisterly love can be expressed to others who are not biologically related to us but do good deeds for us and wish the best for us in spirit.

For Babe’s

Here are some ways for our Indian brothers to help their biological or spirit sisters.

  1. Protect Her: It is common knowledge that crowded places and public transport facilities house predators and harassers. If you see someone misbehaving or making a fellow Indian sister uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to stand up for her.

  2. Share Her Workload: Be it at work or your roommate, everyone would love to have their workload shared so that they can have some free time. Offer to share her workload so that you can spend more time bonding and relax together.

  3. Teach Her Driving: Many girls may have a fear of approaching the roads. Help her overcome that fear by accompanying her while driving or teach her how to drive and be more independent!

  4. Inspire Her: Sometimes we all may be having a low time in our lives. If you see a sister suppressing some unsaid feelings, lend her your ear and have her confide in you while you give her a few words of inspiration in return.

  5. Boost Her Self-Esteem: Girls appreciate being told positive comments in a world of harsh judgments. Sometimes just a few nice and complimentary words can go a long way.

For Dude’s

Likewise, sisters can always find ways to aide their brothers. Here are just a few notable ways…

  1. Surprise Him With His Favorite Dish: Brothers most probably have a huge affinity towards food. The best way to ensure that he is not disappointed by a surprise is to surprise him with his favorite dish.

  2. Inspire Him To Adopt Healthy Habits: In the modern world of peer pressure, drinking and smoking have become a common practice. Help a brother overcome these urges that will make him unhealthy.

  3. Watch His Favorite Sport Together: Brothers will really appreciate being accompanied while watching their favorite program or sport. Try to bond and get involved in their favorite activity for a day.

  4. Tell Him That He Is Valuable: Positivity is a great gift in the current world filled with negativity. Telling a brother that he is valuable will boost his confidence and motivate him.

  5. Help Him, Assist Him : Sometimes, we people are too afraid to ask for help. Surprise your brother by openly offering to help him with anything he wants!

Brotherly and sisterly love is a gift, but enhancing the love and preserving it depends on our actions. Let us celebrate this Raksha Bandhan with true actions of affection.

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Happy Rakhi From Babe n Dude Team


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