Ramadan Special: Exotic Ramadan Foods You Must Taste!

Ramadan is otherwise known as Eid al-Fitr which literally means “the holiday of breaking the fast”. Islam is the most popular religion across the globe with the highest number of humans practicing the religion closely followed by Christianity. It is no wonder that the dishes vary from country to country when it comes to what is eagerly prepared and devoured. Let us take a look at the top five most sumptuous and exotic dishes that one must taste in their lifetime!

  1. Sheer Khurma

Prime Countries: Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan

Though this dish sounds exotic, there is a high chance that you have eaten this. It is just like traditional kheer with a twist. The dish literally means “milk with dates”. Sheer khurma is also known as Semai in Bangladesh. It’s prepared with vermicelli, milk, sugar, dates and, depending on the country, pistachios, almonds, and/or raisins.

  1. Bolani

Prime Country: Afghanistan

This thin-crusted bread has a vegetable filling which is stuffed with various ingredients. This include potatoes, lentils, pumpkin and can be served alongside curd. This can be eaten as both a main dish as well as a side dish based on preference.

  1. Tufahija

Prime Country: Bosnia

This is a wondrous dish for those with a sweet-tooth. It consists of a poached apple that is drenched in sugar which is in turn stuffed with walnut. If this isn’t mouth-watering enough it is also served in a large individual glass filled with thick syrup and topped with whipped cream.

  1. Doro Wat

Prime Country: Ethiopia

This is a curry prepared with chicken. It is typically eaten with the sourdough-tasting bread, called injera. This dish is quite satisfactory to the Indian taste buds and is meant to be eaten as a symbol of togetherness in a large group. This dish is not hard to find in Indian restaurants so check out if there are any near you!

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  1. Maamoul

Prime Countries: Syria and Lebanon

Maamoul is a type of cookie that is bound to give a sugar rush. These cookies are stuffed in variations of stuffing, like dates, pistachios, or walnuts. They are often covered in powdered sugar.

Here in India, the famous Biriyani is prepared with other non-vegetarian dishes and members of all religions rush to homes of their Muslim friends to enjoy a platter that usually includes fried snacks, biriyani and kheer. Maybe this year, try to cook up something more exotic!