Common Medicines Youth Should Know – Emergency Usage

List of some popular medicines and drugs people use on a regular basis

While cures are on the rise, so are new diseases. Today, we find many people having a basic awareness of certain pharmaceutical drugs, but is it correct? The wide expanse of people who know about drugs for emergency cases is both a boon and a bane when used wrongly. For instance, paracetamol based can’t be consumed on all occasions of fever without diagnosing the symptoms that come with the fever as well. That is why it is best to consult a doctor before taking any medication.  Just for the sake of providing basic background knowledge, here are some medicines that everyone must know about!

Cold and Allergy Aiders: Cetirizine is known to tackle a stubborn runny nose and allergic reaction while Vicks is also a good pharma company that offers cold relief!

Fever Savers: Crocin and Dolo are popular brand tablets that everyone remembers to take in the case of a feverish episode. These both are nothing but a drug called paracetamol manufactured into different versions and dosages for different body types.

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External Injury Fixers: Boroline, Dettol and a pack of bandages are helpful to have in a first-aid kit and can be kept in your vehicle or at home to help you and your family deal with external injuries.

Pain Relievers: Ibuprofen and Aspirin are tablets patients turn to in the case of body pain and headaches respectively.

Stomach Helpers: Metrogyl is a recommended one for irritable bowels while Digene helps battle acidity and excess digestive issues.

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These are great to keep around the house in terms of emergencies, but on no account are they to be taken without consulting a doctor. Basic medical knowledge is important to help those in need, so CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) and other life support training must be advocated among the youth to offer those in need.

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