Top 10 Simple Tips To Stay Calm During Lockdown And Be Productive During Quarantine Period


As COVID-19 is progressing, its adverse effects on the world are noticeable. Nearly, the entire human population is trapped due to severe and strict nationwide lockdowns. Economies are crashing and severe recession across the globe seems inevitable. News and media are talking only about the pandemic and its ill effects. It is extremely important to stay positive to win against the life-threatening virus.

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Tough spending time during a lockdown? Here are 10 simple tips to stay calm, positive and motivated

  1. While the situation becomes uncontrollable, it is crucial that we control our reaction to what is happening around us.
  2. Practicing best sleep hygiene and sleeping for 8 hours should be a daily routine
  3. It is highly imperative to free our mind from negative thoughts and take out time to exercise
  4. Little acts of kindness should be considered to show gratitude.
  5. Quarantine is the best time to explore hobbies and try our hands-on various creative things.
  6. High time to make time for our loved ones by staying connected with them digitally through video calls and emails.
  7. Time to reset our goals by laying a major focus on what we can do and what we can’t.
  8. Focus to boost the immune system in order to stay safe and healthy from contracting the virus.
  9. Contact a doctor immediately after any visible symptom and save ourselves from unnecessary panic. It may be seasonal flu.
  10. Lessons of hope and motivation from the past can be considered during this challenging time.

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