Blog Of The Month -How You Can Control Corruption & Save Money – Part 1

With political parties at loggerheads with each other trying to rat out the corrupt ways of their opposition, and the Data Analytics scam coming to light, it seems as if the common man is waking up to a world of intense corruption and deceit. India is a democracy and one of the major advantages of living in a democracy is that people have the power to bring about change. Here are twenty easy ways for common man to stay away from illegal ways and help starve corruption.

  1. Keep Track Of Your Payments: The simplest way to avoid corruption is to save all your bills and to keep evidence of all your payments. Sometimes the easiest way is to make all transactions online so that there is provision to track every single payment that is made.

  2. Follow Financial Business Ethics: More and more citizens are indulging in start-ups. It is wise to visit an Auditor in order to find legal provisions for taxes and GST that needs to be paid based on the amount of revenue generated.

  3. Be Fair While Paying: While paying those who work for us, such as employees, laborers, maids or anyone whose service we take for any period of time, pay them fairly without thinking about maximum savings and exploitation. This prevents those individuals from seeking a livelihood in corrupt and illegal ways for quick access to money.

  4. Educate Yourself: Learning about the effects of corruption and undisclosed cash-flow on the economy will help everyone see the big picture and identify why it is important to make legal transactions only. Staying away from corruption helps the economy in the long-run and securing the economy for future generations.

  5. Know Your Rights: If someone shows you a corrupt path, it is helpful to know the legal action you can take as a citizen.

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  6. Have Media Contacts: The main enemy of any type of corruption is the media as it brings shame and exposure to corrupt individuals. It is helpful to have media contacts to expose the corrupt individuals or activities you may find in day-to-day life.

  7. Arm Yourself with Information: Information is the greatest weapon a layman can possess. Learn information you can use to fight against corruption.

  8. Quality First Rule: At times, we value quantity and speed more than the quality of a product. This incites people to pay extra, off the counter, to appease their needs. Remember that quality is not just in the things you buy, but how you buy it. Aim to have the best character as a citizen even while acquiring products.

  9. Patience with Procedures: Government procedures are known to be painstakingly long hence people may resort to bribing in order to quicken things up. Patience is key here.

  10. Vote: Voting for the right party with best initiatives to battle corruption is also an option citizens have!


Part 2…To be continued…