Are You An Independent Or Dependent Indian Youth? Find Out – Independence Day Special

The world today is filled with youngsters talking about topics like ‘liberation’, ‘independence’, ‘the greater good’ and ‘service’, we wonder if the modern youth are indeed practicing what they preach. It is a common debate for various generations to criticize the youth, but here are some of the common debate pointers which we will examine in detail and confirm whether they are true or false. We’ll welcome your opinion on this matter too.

  1. Youth Value Independence: While independence is a flashy term that many people take positively, it is not bad either to want to be dependent. There is a large number of modern Indian youth who choose to stay dependent on their family in order to revive the joint-family system after realizing that independence can be a lonely affair for them.


  1. Youth Who Don’t Live With Their Parents: The truth of this point is a rather bitter one. Not every individual is the same, so we cannot generalize that the Indian youth cannot perform tasks independently. However, the statistics show that almost 50% of youth choose to live with their parents until their mid-20’s. This may not be because of a lazy generation, but rather because of a generation of parents that want to give their children a boost and help them save money. The percentage is much higher for female youngsters.


  1. Modern Indian Youth Are Wiser Than Other Generations (Thanks To Technology): There is no denying that the youth of our nation have access to technology irrespective of their monetary status. Yet, one must keep in mind that exposure to much information does not lead to wisdom. In fact, it can have the opposite effect of creating an illusion of wisdom and leading to instant decisions without much deep thought.


  1. Youth Who Are Mature & Independent: This is the whole debate. To be fair, all humans are interdependent of each other. But the modern youth are undoubtedly trying to take more decisions on their own without the influence of society and parental pressure.


  1. Financial Independence Is More: This is a complex point. Older generations were part of a newly free India who were experiencing the freedom their country offered them. They gave birth to the younger generation who had access to loans and parental funding for their higher education. So, the modern youth, even once they go to work, may earn for themselves, but they are still tied and indebted to those who financed their education which gave them their work in the first place.

Independence is a beautiful thing and can be experienced in small doses. But too much of anything can be harmful. There is no shame in admitting that one is dependent. The modern youth seem to want to avoid admitting that. Being dependent means that you are an active part of human society. So in which category do you fall? Let Us Know…

And By The Way !!! Azaadi Mubarak Ho !!!