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Are You An Independent Or Dependent Indian Youth? Find Out – Independence Day Special

The world today is filled with youngsters talking about topics like ‘liberation’, ‘independence’, ‘the greater good’ and ‘service’, we wonder if the modern youth are indeed practicing what they preach. It is a common debate for various generations to criticize the youth, but here are some of the common debate pointers which we will examine in detail and confirm whether… Read more →

This Durga Puja Festival, Visit These Places

This Festival, Visit These Places  The festive season is alight with young souls filled with hopes to explore a better world in their coming days. It is quite common to see the modern wanderlust youngsters look forward to exploring new terrain a method of enriching themselves. Here are some of the places to visit during Durga Puja. Arambagh: This hosts… Read more →

Youth Wants to Know: Who’s Next Baba In Convict Line?

Youth Wants to Know: Ab kis Baba ka number hain?   Of late, Babajis have become the butt of all jokes. With self claimed God-man Ram Rahim facing his ten year sentence, youngsters across the nation watch and wonder who is next? The trend of God-men like Rahim being accused of exploiting their devotees for illegal activities is far from… Read more →