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Are You An Independent Or Dependent Indian Youth? Find Out – Independence Day Special

The world today is filled with youngsters talking about topics like ‘liberation’, ‘independence’, ‘the greater good’ and ‘service’, we wonder if the modern youth are indeed practicing what they preach. It is a common debate for various generations to criticize the youth, but here are some of the common debate pointers which we will examine in detail and confirm whether… Read more →

If Gandhi Ji was on Instagram – Gandhi Jayanti Special

If Gandhi Ji was alive and if we were still under the relentless rule of the British, would events have been the same? Obviously not. Protests from a few decades ago greatly vary with the ones that take place in modern days. The main difference being that it is easier to start an uprising to bring together people against a… Read more →

Independence Day Celebration Ideas For Youth

First, let’s salute our brave Armed Forces, Soldiers for their sacrifices. On 15th of August, we celebrate our freedom, our independence, only because of them. However, the patriotic fervor seems to be lacking these days. The tricolor of our Indian flag is undoubtedly pinned in places, in schools doing their traditional routines, but the college going and office going youth… Read more →