Gear Up For Appraisal Season – Dos and Don’ts

Appraisal season is just around the corner; employees all over are eagerly awaiting their evaluation from their respective company’s management teams. This could be the make or break of their opportunity to get their monetary boost in salary for the next year. Many employees are scratching their heads about what managers expect in order to be well appraised by their managers in order to get a good salary hike. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind.


  1. Reinvent: Every year, be sure to reinvent yourself. You should be able to show some form of personal growth so that the company values you as an asset. Nobody starts out perfect, but you can grow into something great. The greater you get, the more your managers will notice and give you a proportionate ‘growth’ in your salary!

  2. Kindness: It is often hard to be polite to everyone in a work environment especially when tensions can run high with deadlines and quality checks. But kindness pays… literally! Managers tend to have a favorable opinion towards kind-hearted and less impulsive workers.

  3. Update your CV: If you have a company portal with your profile or a linked in account, remember to update it every year with your achievements or any new skills you have acquired. A growing profile is appealing during appraisal season.

  4. Be Punctual: Punctuality speaks volumes. This makes you seem like a more reliable and worthy candidate to get work done and hence the company will seek to incentivize your punctuality by paying you accordingly.

  5. Have a reasonable Leave Record: This is perhaps one of the unsaid aspects of evaluation. An individual who takes fewer days off is more likely to be incentivized over a highly skilled individual who takes many days off.


  1. Don’t Allow Replacements: If companies feel that you are inefficient with your job, they may find an individual to replace you while reassigning your job without consulting you. This is a sign of a low appraisal. If you wish for a change, seek it on your own terms and don’t wait for the company to determine that you are not enthusiastic about your role.

  2. Don’t Settle for Poor Appraisals: A poor appraisal is definitely a sign that the company is not satisfied with your work and does not seek to motivate you to stay on with them. Take this hint, learn from your mistakes and try to form a better image elsewhere or within your company.

  3. Don’t Bad Mouth your Managers: Even if you receive a poor appraisal, never talk ill about your managers to other colleagues. In a work environment, you cannot trust even your friends in a professional setting. Everyone will ultimately want themselves to take any opportunity to shine above you. Keep your experiences to yourself, evaluate whether the appraisal was fair (be true to yourself) and if not, seek a place which may find you worthy. Leave on a peaceful note.

  4. Don’t use the Appraisal Season to Prove Yourself: Many people seek to form a good impression a month before appraisals roll around. The flaw with this strategy is that managers can see right through them! Don’t make yourself look silly. Improve for yourself and not for merely a sort span of time. It can have the opposite effect and make Managers dislike you.

  5. Don’t get Comfortable: In this competitive environment, getting comfortable and mechanical at your job is not always a good thing. Try to offer more innovative ideas and keep growing. Who knows… maybe you will be offered a promotion as well!

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Appraisals can be stressful for everyone, but at the end of the day, nothing is written in stone. Evaluate yourself as a personal evaluation is more valuable than an evaluation from anyone else!

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