Iftar & Sehri Special Foods In India : Ramadan Mubarak

Let us take a look at the top five most sumptuous and exotic dishes that one must taste during Iftar & Sehri time. Here in India, the famous Biryani is prepared with other non-vegetarian dishes and members of all religions rush to homes of their Muslim friends to enjoy a platter that usually includes fried snacks, biriyani and kheer. Here are five city-based specials found in India:

  1. Lucknow

Lucknow has never been a sucker for posh and pretentious restaurants. Just along it’s humble streets you can find the most delicious of foods. During Ramadan, the best foods are tasted in Lucknow right from Malupas, Kormas and Zarda! These delicacies are must haves for Lucknawi based Ramadan festivities.

  1. Kolkata

Kolkata has a special street called Zakaria street which makes a special dish called Aminia Haleem only during Ramadan! Kebabs are, of course a must try during the holy festival.

  1. Hyderabad

One word here: Biriyani! The most delicious and sumptuous biriyani you will ever taste can be found in this wonderful city. Haleem is also very reputed that it is exported across the globe from Hyderabad.

  1. Delhi

Delhi has so many choices of delicacies it is impossible to cover all of them in a single day! But Ramadan food becomes undefeated as you walk down a lane called Matia Mahal your senses will be treated to a wondrous food spread including Phirni, and chicken stew.

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  1. Mumbai

Steaming pots of rice, spicy Goat stew, kebabs and grilled meat will all find a way to appease your Ramadan cravings at various food stalls across the city which remain open well into the night! The colourful city has special stalls at Mohammad Ali Road, Apollo Bunder, and Jogeshwarie.

So many options and so many dishes. Maybe this year, try to cook up something more exotic or travel to a city famous for its Ramadan street delicacies!

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