Blog Of The Month – How You Can Control Corruption & Save Money-Part 2

Part 2…

  1. Ask for Receipts and Bills: Always demand for receipts and bills for purchases. No bills mean the vendor can declare a loss in his accounts and pay reduced taxes to the government.

  2. Reduce Inflation by Pricing Products Fairly: High pricing and high-profit margins cause inflation which makes people resort to corrupt ways in desperate times. If you have a business, price your products fairly.

  3. Don’t Hesitate to Do What is Right: Sometimes people find it hard to execute their knowledge into action. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and take a stand against corruption.

  4. Focus and Invest Time on the Educating Kids: Though layman cannot directly change the educational system, they can take responsibility to educate their children about laws against corruption so that proper values are ingrained from a young age.

  5. Participate in Non-Violent Strikes when Necessary: At times, citizens need to protest unfair action. In such cases, don’t hesitate to lend your voice to what you believe is right.

  6. Spread Awareness: If you see someone inadvertently indulging in corrupt ways, help educate them and spread awareness.

  7. Understand the Effects of Collective Corruption: Sometimes people may feel, “I am just one individual. My actions have no effect on the nation.” This is far from the truth. Every individual counts in order to avoid collective corruption.

  8. Encourage and Respect those in Government Positions: Government employees are recently finding it hard as the younger generation is opting to work for private institutions. This label should be abolished and those in government positions must be treated with respect to boost their esteem and remind them that they hold noble positions and not give room for corruption.

  9. Choose the Right Bank: Choosing the right bank also matters. With banking scams also on the rise, it is wise to split your savings between more than one bank for safety.

  10. Understand the Benefits of Tax to the Economy: When people understand the benefits of tax, they will not feel the need to evade it! Simple step to a corruption free life.

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Of course, the common man may feel hopeless and scared to talk out against corruption fearing that they may lose out in the short term. But having a clean conscience is the most rewarding part of it. Also, by taking a stand against corruption we secure the future for the lives of our children and consequent generations. These are sure are ways in which we, the people and common citizens of our nation, can help control corruption and save our nation’s money.