Smart Travel Hacks That’ll Save Your Time, Space, & Money  

Hey guys! Planning a trip? Well, just take out 5 minutes and read this piece before you leave.

These smart travel tips will surely make your trip a little bit easier and more productive, and of course will save your time, space, and money…


Take a look and save your hook


  • Scan your driving license, ID card, tickets, and email them to yourself. In case of loss or theft, this smart hack becomes useful.
  • Wear something with many pockets and keep things like a pet bottle, charger, earphones, mint or candies. With this, you won’t have to dig through your bag every time.


  • Make your own travel beverage. Get a thermos, add lemon, honey or what ever you want, as per your choice. It makes your travelling a bit more relaxing.


  • While packing, save space by rolling clothes instead of folding. Rolling allows you to fit more things in. Roll underwear and socks within your clothes to save more space.

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  • Splurge on Internet service if your destination is far and traveling time is long. Download and update app before you leave home.


  • Take several pairs of underwear, but carry a few clothes, and mix n match them with scarves or jewelry.


  • Carry an extra small bag, where you can keep your laptop, camera and other necessary items.


  • Before you enter into the hotel, buy some basic groceries like water and some snacks from local stores instead of hotel.


  • When you enter into your room, take out only the important stuffs from your luggage. Keep your power cords in a sunglass case.


  • Throw the hotel bar soap into your laundry bag, so that it doesn’t stink up your luggage, if not soap, spray perfume.


Tip for ‘BABE N DUDE’- Don’t forget to carry your credit or debit card, power bank and charger, some relevant medicines, before you leave.


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