10 Questions Every Youth Must Ask Before Their 1st Job Interview

There are times where we may regret making certain choices. Choices in the professional world are usually one of them. The modern youth, before stepping into the world of jobs and competition are advised to stop for a minute and think before making one of the most crucial decisions that may set them off on a path that weaves through the course of the rest of their life. Starting off on a reasonable level should always be the goal over starting off with a bang. Ultimately, happiness and peace is what will bring home smiles and not just fat paychecks.

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Here is a list of questions the modern youth must ask themselves before choosing their first job.

  1. Is this the right choice for me?

  2. Will the expected salary be sufficient at this point in life?

  3. Is this within my capacity?

  4. How far is the company from my residence?

  5. Is there scope for growth?

  6. Can I see myself working happily here?

  7. What can I do to improve myself at work?

  8. What personal goals can I set for myself on the job?

  9. How competitive is the atmosphere?

  10. What are the reviews online by the previous employees?

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Depending on how favorable your answers to the above questions are for you, it is best to make your decision. There is no 100% right job or perfect path. The most important of the above questions are questions 1–5. These questions are indicators as to whether you are going to start off in the right direction. The remaining questions are add-ons to evaluate the degree of satisfaction you are likely to get from the job.

It all comes down for the best fit at the given time and position we are in our lives.

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