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Becoming a doctor is a popular profession in India. Our society has the utmost respect for our doctors, and seldom forget that these are humans performing the duties of a hero without wearing a cape. There are many aspects of a doctor’s life that many people may be blindsided to. Here are five aspects we must all keep in mind when we meet our doctors:

  1. Doctors are often trained to put their patients before their personal needs.

  2. Doctors and Nurses work around the clock and even spend sleepless nights to save lives.

  3. In the event of an outbreak of an epidemic, Doctors and healthcare professionals are the ones who put themselves at risk to contain the spread of the disease.

  4. Doctors have personal lives too, which are often sacrificed for the sake of their profession.

  5. After graduating, every doctor takes an oath to protect lives and practice their profession in a lawful manner. Hats off to all those healthcare professionals who stick by their words and promises.

While we celebrate our unsung heroes, let us look at a few rights that the general public are entitled to in private and Government hospitals so that the next time you visit, you can be well aware!

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  1. Right to Information: You, as a patient, have the right to know exactly what is wrong with your body. Doctors have an obligation to disclose details about your health condition. Never accept medication or treatment without obtaining information first.

  2. Right to be Heard: Every part of the healthcare profession is defined by being able to listen to patients and their complaints. This is why at times, the waiting time to see your doctor may be quite long. If it is not an emergency, it is ok to wait, because the same doctor will take his or her time to listen to you too!

  3. Right to Choose: Not many people are aware that a patient can request for and become aware of alternative treatment options so that you can choose based on your lifestyle. Sometimes treatment options are limited, but there is no harm is asking about your options.

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  4. Right to Respect: It is common knowledge that certain patients are discriminated based on their age, income and even As humans of our India democracy, we are entitled to equal and fair treatment.

  5. Right to Privacy: Whatever is discussed between you and your doctor is confidential. Patients are entitled to their right to privacy since health issues are considered personal and confidential.

On this day, we celebrate and thank our wonderful doctors and their supporting staff who help make our lives on this beautiful planet a little longer and a little less painful. Happy Doctor’s Day!