Top 10 Workouts For Youth

The modern youth are burdened with so much work with so little time. Unfortunately, in this digital age majority of the youth are not burdened with physical tasks. This can lead to deterioration in the physical health of the youth. But there is a simple solution if one feels that hitting the gym is extremely time-consuming. Here is a list of simple exercises that takes a few minutes to do every day.

  1. Crunches: This exercise is most effective for those who want to get a flat belly.


  1. Pushups: Strong arms, a defined chest and increased strength are the results of this exercise!


  1. Squats: A lot of people wish for a toned lower half of the body to fit into their jeans! This exercise is perfect for that.


  1. Forward lunges: Targeting the calves and the highs, this tiresome workout gives great results in a shorter span of time.


  1. Jumping Jacks: This is a great way to start the day and get your heart pumping while sweating it out!


  1. Jump-rope: This is known to be able to burn the most calories in a shorter span of time.


  1. The Hula: A slim waist is the envy of all girls. Buy a hula-hoop and everyone will soon be envying your waist-line!


  1. Toe-touches: This is a modification of crunches which targets the abs!


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  1. Sit-ups: This is a great way to burn calories while toning your muscles.


  1. The Plank pose: A popular yoga pose and a well-known one taught in the gym is the plank pose! It is the perfect way to tone all of your muscles and tighten any flab!


If you would like to know how to perform any of the mentioned poses, step-by-step tutorials are available on YouTube.