Air Pollution And Smog – Facts, Effects, & Precautions

India is choked to a critical condition. Despite all the bans, awareness programs, Indian states and its people are suffering and inhaling smoggy air. Rural India occupies over 60% of our nation are at a disproportionately higher risk of breathing in polluted air. Indians are beginning to wake up to the smog-filled reality but are we too late?

Let us take a look at the facts related to the effects of air pollution in India:

  1. A whopping 75% of the air pollution-related deaths stems from rural Indian population. This does not mean that urban Indians need to pay less attention to the pollution crisis since this is a national problem that does affect urban areas too.
  2. In reference to urban India, it is prudent to note that WHO has identified Delhi to be the most polluted city in the world.
  3. There is a direct correlation between the economic growth of the nation over the last 25 years and the increase in air pollution over the same period, reinforcing the fact that certain industries in the name of economic progress have contributed to the current pollution levels in India.

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  4. Air pollution deaths in India are estimated to rise to 1.5 million across the nation by 2030.
  5. On a positive note, it is noted that over three-fourths of these deaths can be averted in stringent and aggressive policies related to pollution control are implemented.

What can we do in order to make sure that we do our part? Here are some tips:

  1. Take public transportation whenever possible. Fewer cars/vehicles lead to less emission.
  2. Use surgical masks for children and adults who are exposed to the heavily polluted air to reduce the impact of smog on their health.
  3. Volunteer to plant trees around residential areas, schools, and hospitals as trees help increase air quality.
  4. Participate in awareness programs to help educate the unaware as to the importance of reducing the domestic burning of waste material and help them seek alternative disposal methods.

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  5. Social media is being used to sign petitions for various reasons. If you find an Industry in your locality emitting high toxic waste, rally your fellow citizens and sign a petition for proper action to be taken against the industry.

    Speak to your local government representatives and if you find your request being ignored, appeal to any media to spread awareness on the situation or you may write to us.