10 Fascinating Hobbies For Today’s Youth

Well! It’s true that the current youth have no time for hobbies as they are busy leading digital life. But with the current surge in Social Media and various platforms to showcase talents, it seems that having a hobby may not seem to be such a bad idea. In fact, having a fascinating idea can bring some penny as well. Now you look a little interested to know about these hobbies, isn’t it?

Here are top 10 Hobbies for today’s youth.

  1. Go Fit Way: Zumba, Crossfit, PopSugar Videos, Pick any! Fitness freaks can get plentiful options online and in the vicinity. Who needs clay when one can sculpt their own body?

  2. Quilling Art: Those with delicate hands usually take up artsy hobbies. If you find your fingers twitch to decorate, this is the perfect hobby for you.

  3. Read and Review: The bookworms may love this hobby. Not only does one read a book, there are platforms where readers can post their reviews (opinions).

  4. Meme Creation: You can create the funniest memes and share them with your friends, capture your memes and start a social media account dedicated to them.

Note: If you are lucky enough you may even get a large fan following and make some cash with brand deals!

  1. Photography: Wherever you see, you will find a photographer, social platforms are filled with budding photographers. With abundant filters and cameras available, this hobby is one of constant exploration and discovering new angles.

Note: No wonder! Photography art can bestow good amount of money.

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  1. Music: Youtube is the best platform to learn, create and share your music talents. Irrespective of whether you are an expert or a learner, liberate your soul by finding the right tutor online with this scintillating hobby.

  2. Baking: Who doesn’t like food? Baking allows the creator to get creative with their sweet treats. Craving for some sugary fun? Start baking!

  3. Lip-syncing: Try anyone out of these

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  4. Amateur Stylist: A lot of online shopping apps like Myntra allows us to gain followers and give style recommendations to people. Those with an eye for good fashion can consider the hobby of giving their tips to online shoppers.

  5. Gaming Way: There is no shortage of games in this modern world. So if you feel the urge to explore worlds of other dimensions and play out a good story gaming is the perfect hobby for you!

With the advent of social media and the youth being able to expose their talents to a large group of people, it isn’t surprising that many of them have found ways to take their hobbies to a professional level.

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So which one you are picking…

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