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Bollywood Weddings: A Boon or Bane to the Youth?

The Year 2018 has witnessed some of the biggest names in Bollywood coming together in holy matrimony. We witnessed Sonam Kapoor start off her wedded bliss in style with a classy wedding and as the year progressed, the names added to the ‘hitched’ list just got bigger and the celebrations got wilder! Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi garnered a lot… Read more →

Riversong Launches High-Def Headphones In India, Starts at Rs.399

Based out of Shenzhen, China, ‘Riversong’ has launched its high-definition headphones in India. Designed for fitness trainers, music lovers and young adventurers, these headphones have been priced reasonably, starts at Rs.399 (value-for-money range). Catering to the diverse needs of today’s youth, these high-end devices are the perfect lifestyle partners that one would love to flaunt. Take a look. Sound Fit… Read more →

Things Youth Should Do For Their Parents Without Money

Parents are the most important beings ever present for an individual. With an upsurge in the number of residents checking into Old-Age homes, it seems that the future of the parents of today’s youth may be in question. Will they face the same fate? While the question is largely based on many factors, there are quite a few things that… Read more →

Top 10 Ayurvedic Herbs Good For Health: Winter Care

Ayurveda is one of the oldest herbal based medicinal practice that exists in India since the time immemorial. People from all over the world would come to India in order to be treated through Ayurveda, but in recent times, we have discarded traditional medicine while letting allopathy take the forefront. The debate between ‘Western Treatment’ v/s ‘Traditional Medicine’ has always… Read more →

Top 10 Workouts For Youth

The modern youth are burdened with so much work with so little time. Unfortunately, in this digital age majority of the youth are not burdened with physical tasks. This can lead to deterioration in the physical health of the youth. But there is a simple solution if one feels that hitting the gym is extremely time-consuming. Here is a list… Read more →

Get A Professional Resume For Your Career For Free

Get A Professional Resume For Your Career For Free First impressions are definitely the best ones. In a work environment, it is all about first impressions. Right from your resume to your appearance and body language in an interview, everything is assessed in the short span and the employer has to make a decision to hire or ignore. So how… Read more →

Beware Of Dengue Scare:  Mosquito Bite, Treat It Right

Dengue has been a threat to a large part of India for almost a decade now. The fact that it is hard to detect with a longer diagnosis period doesn’t help victims of the deadly disease who succumb to the mosquito-borne disease. With all of India on high alert about the measures, Babendude team takes a pledge to make you… Read more →

This Durga Puja Festival, Visit These Places

This Festival, Visit These Places  The festive season is alight with young souls filled with hopes to explore a better world in their coming days. It is quite common to see the modern wanderlust youngsters look forward to exploring new terrain a method of enriching themselves. Here are some of the places to visit during Durga Puja. Arambagh: This hosts… Read more →

How To Handle Passion With Profession? For Youth

Before we go into the finer details of understanding how to handle passion with a profession, we must know what each term categorically denotes. Passion is a strong feeling or tendency to put utmost energy with enthusiasm into what one loves or dislikes. It is mainly to do with talent, interest, enthusiasm, grit, willpower and a strong determination. Whereas, profession… Read more →

Revealed- How The Youth Can Survive The Blue Whale Era

The Blue Whale challenge is one that has been taking the world by storm resulting in a slew of suicides across the globe. The Russian developers of the challenge have been arrested but there appears to be more curators of the game in hiding. Is blue whale a concern for the Indian youth? Of course! India has witnessed about half… Read more →

Teacher’s Day Special: Kya Aap Panchvi Pass Ho?

Teacher’s Day, Special Day Technology has changed the world and information and education have witnessed a great revolution, with which students can be fed access to any bit of knowledge they desire. However, how smart are they in reality? Studies have found that access to large amounts of information does not make an individual smarter. In fact, too much information… Read more →


God men are a rage among many sections of the youth who seek spiritual guidance. Despite many having outspoken reservations about the dubbed ‘God men’, sections of the youth still have their favorite ‘God men’ and idolize them. Cases like Swami Nithyanantha, Asaram Bapu and Baba Ram Rahim have shaken the media. The most recent case of Baba Ram Rahim… Read more →

Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi Festival Eco-Friendly Way

 ॐ गम गणपतये नमः Ganesh Chaturthi festival calls for a lot of sweets, statues and traditional parades! Some of the practices may not be quite eco-friendly. Celebrations start with the purchase of a clay Lord Ganesha statue which eventually will be dissolved in a nearby water body. The occasion calls for a parade that transports the clay made Lord to… Read more →

Dear Youth, Be A Speaker, But A Listener First

Millennials and youth get a lot of slack for being quite jumpy about things. Truth be told, the older generations will always find something to nit-pick about with the younger generations. This article is not one of them to find fault or advice the youth to be something. Rather, it is an emphasis of an age old saying, but with… Read more →

10 Fascinating Hobbies For Today’s Youth

Well! It’s true that the current youth have no time for hobbies as they are busy leading digital life. But with the current surge in Social Media and various platforms to showcase talents, it seems that having a hobby may not seem to be such a bad idea. In fact, having a fascinating idea can bring some penny as well.… Read more →

Top Ten Interview Trends Youth Must Know

Choosing the best candidate among the large pool of talented youth is becoming increasingly difficult for interviewers. That is why companies discuss various methods with their respective HR teams to single out the one that will best suit their company. It is advisable that today’s youth are well aware of the different types and interview trends so that they dauntlessly face… Read more →

Gym Rules For Gym Goers

Being fit and health is important. And gym is a place where we exercise to be in shape. Gym houses numerous exercise equipment’s, machines, tools, but there are certain unwritten rules every gym-goers should follow before stepping into the gym.     Exercise Rather Socialize You shouldn’t talk on phone, text, or chat with other gym-goers. It’s not a place… Read more →

World Environment Day Special

On this world environment day, BabenDude celebrates the beauty of our planet #WorldEnvironmentDay ‘Love Your Environment’, ‘Love Your Planet Come, let’s join hands to save the earth from global warming. What you should do on #WorldEnvironmentDay Plant a seed/sapling Travel by public transport/CNG vehicles Make changes from household level Turn off lights/A.C. when not in use Switch to renewable sources… Read more →

Anger Management Tips For Youth

Some feelings are hard to cope with and ‘Anger’ is one of them.  Know some ‘Anger Management Tips’ For Babe n Dude Do you constantly get annoyed or angry about anything and everything – on family, at office, on traffic, on children activity, on career, on weight issues, on relationship, on friends…Uncontrolled anger can ruin your health, career, relationships and… Read more →

Photography Tips For Youth – Camera, Click, Capture

Camera, Click, Capture Photography is an addicting hobby. Clicking and creating beautiful photographs involves nothing but a little bit of imagination and creativity. The following tips and ideas are intended to help youth and amateur photographers improve their photography skills.   Camera Hold The very important thing is to know and learn how to hold a camera properly. Use both… Read more →

Amazing Yet Strange Sex Facts Youth Should Know

Do you know everything about sex? Well, there are some facts which are still under cover and we are sure that you have never heard them before. Know these strange yet weird sex facts and make yourself more- ahem ahem… rest you know… So here we go… Do you know that sperm is highly effective in treating face wrinkles? The human… Read more →

Summer Proof Hacks For Youth

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start making plans for your epic summer vacation. But, how about the look? Are you ready to step outside in the hot-humid temperature? Well, we just want you to enjoy your vacation fully but before that, make sure you are summer-proof. We have accumulated some clever grooming hacks for… Read more →


Foods for Dudes… Almonds– Not all the dry fruits boys…But Almonds for sure, as they are loaded with healthy unsaturated fats, protein, fiber, and vitamin E which is great for your heart, digestive system, and skin. Quinoa– Ideal for you guys. Quinoa is a great source of fiber and B vitamins, along with heart-healthy unsaturated fats. So dudes must add… Read more →