Jio Fiber Plans, Pricing, Launch Date: Get All The Answers Here

Everything You Need To Know


Reliance Jio is set to kick off the commercial launch of ‘Jio Fiber’ in India on 5th of September 2019.

Jio Fiber Plans will start from Rs. 700 and go up to Rs. 10,000 per month.

Jio Fiber customers will get access to ‘Jio Postpaid Plus’ plans that includes a priority SIM-setup service at home.

More details about the ‘Jio Postpaid Plus’ service will be available on 5th of September 2019.

A fixed-line service available alongside high-speed broadband service to enable international calling at the lowest fixed-line rates.

For gaming enthusiasts, Reliance Jio has unveiled ‘Jio Set-Top Box’. Through this box, Jio Fiber customers can access television services that can deliver ‘console-like’ gaming experiences in 4K. The device will also have built-in graphics that can offer ‘zero-latency’ gaming experience, and is also claimed to support “almost all gaming controllers”.

Moreover, Reliance Jio is also working with leading game publishers like Gameloft, Microsoft.

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Reliance Jio in association with ‘Tesseract’ has also developed the ‘Jio HoloBoard’ as its native MR (Mixed Reality) headset which will be available for purchase at a very affordable price. One can experience Mixed Reality through the Jio Fiber network.

With this, Jio Fiber customers can receive bundled subscriptions to the most leading premium OTT applications.

Through this service, Premium Jio Fiber customers will be able to watch movies in their living rooms the same day movies get released in the theatres.

Reliance Jio is set to launch the ‘Jio First-Day-First-Show’ service in mid-2020.

Reliance Jio is also going to offer an HD or 4K LED TV and a 4K set top box free of cost for customers opting for an annual plan i.e. ‘Jio Forever Plan’.

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