Many Gadgets But Less Care? Well! Maintain Your Gadgets Smartly With These Hacks

Our lives are filled with the use of many gadgets and devices that are used on a day-to-day basis. However, we find ourselves in such a predicament where we are incapacitated, the moment one of our gadgets tend to malfunction. The secret to having no surprise malfunctioning is quite simple. Some of our friends have a tendency to keep their gadgets so impeccably well-maintained that they end up using them for years! Here are a few hacks that you can use to maintain your gadgets.

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  1. The Proper Cover: Be it your laptop, tab or phone, it is crucial to have them in their own case after use. The main reason to cover it is that it prevents from weathering (especially in the case of a phone) and water damage due to heavy humidity. It also prevents dust from entering the crevasses of devices like laptops. So a proper cover is crucial.

  2. Ear-Phone Hack: Maintaining the same ear-phone for more than six months is definitely a pain. Unless it is madly expensive, earphones tend to loose life the moment there is a slight tear in their inner wires. These tears mainly occur near the buds. An easy way of preventing this is by not winding earphones up or sleeping with them on. It is best to avoid any slight pulls that keep the wire and bud tight. After use, store earphones in a pouch.

  3. Ear-Bud Magic: Yes, ear-buds not only clean your ears but are handy while cleaning devices. The buds of earphones and the cracks between keys on a keyboard can be impeccably cleaned with cotton ear-buds, easily available in your grooming kit.

  4. Screen-Guards & UV Protection: Almost all of us have screen-guards on our devices. Did you know there are special UV protection guards available in the market that are especially used for laptops, tablets, big screen monitors? This doesn’t just prevent your devices from scratches, but it also helps protect your eyes as well.

  5. Proper Storage Use: No, I am not referring to physical storage. But every time you upload or download files on your computer, be aware of the space you are using. It is best to avoid keeping all important files on your desktop. Also, download files from credible sources only! For phones, there are apps that help clear and release a certain amount of MB storage.

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Every device has a certain precaution that needs to be taken based on your lifestyle. So assess your device care routine based on your frequency of travel, and climate conditions.


  • Must-install anti-virus on every tech gadgets.

  • Keep your gadgets away from direct sunlight or water.

  • Use screen guards on all devices or use tempered glass.

  • Use a lint-free soft cloth to wipe/ clean the outer surfaces of gadgets.

  • Properly circlet the wires & chargers of gadgets to avoid tangling.