Kicking Off ‘FIFA WORLD CUP’ 2018 With Facts

Hosting the FIFA World Cup is a chance for the host nation to show off its positive side and this year, Russia has drawn the straw. Tourism is expected to be high with various nationals queuing to cheer their country’s team on! Here are the top five FIFA 2018 facts that will brighten your cheers for your favorite team:

  1. Indians on Top: If you are an Indian, you may be a bit disgruntled that India is ranked 97th by FIFA and hasn’t qualified to play for the World Cup just yet. But Indian fans are not to contest with as they have been recorded as among the Top 20 nationals in fans to book tickets to witness the live games.

  2. Spoons: In an odd instalment for the FIFA 2018, in order to contest against the Vuvuzelas made popular during the FIFA 2010 South African games, Russia has banned fans from using Vuvuzelas. If you were not a fan of the joyous buzzing noise they made, then you will be delighted to know that they have been replaced with… spoons? Yes, it looks like fans this year will be using spoons to cheer their teams on.

  3. Smile Training: Russian service employees and have reportedly been receiving training to smile and laugh while greeting tourists. This odd training session has rocked news outlets making them wonder why Russian employees do not smile by nature.

  4. Last Time: This world cup is seen the last for some of the big players such as one of the finest goalkeepers,Baffon . If Italy does win the world cup, it will be an emotional farewell for this legend.

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  1. Expenditure: Aside from all the unconventional training to accommodate tourists, Russia has invested billions in making this world cup one of the biggest and most notable events for football fans. Advanced technology has been introduced this time in order to make this World Cup and out-of-this-world experience.

FIFA is indeed a big deal and here is to hoping that our nation will be represented at the World Cup one day very soon!