Photography Tips For Youth – Camera, Click, Capture

Camera, Click, Capture

Photography is an addicting hobby. Clicking and creating beautiful photographs involves nothing but a little bit of imagination and creativity. The following tips and ideas are intended to help youth and amateur photographers improve their photography skills.


  1. Camera Hold

The very important thing is to know and learn how to hold a camera properly.

Use both hands, one around the body and one around the lens, keep your elbows together and hold the camera close to your body for support.


  1. The Rule Of Thirds

It is the key compositional tool of photography.

Look through your camera’s viewfinder or in the camera screen and mentally divide your image/subject into 2 horizontal lines & 2 vertical lines. Picture is more pleasing to the eye and looks more natural with this.


  1. The Rule Of Thumb

One of the most common troubles that young photographers face is ‘camera shaking’.

Apply ‘the rule of thumb’ to avoid camera shake and photo blur. The basic rule of thumb is to use a shutter speed which is 1/focal length.


  1. Pan To Create Motion

If you want to capture a moving subject or a subject in motion, then apply ‘Panning Technique’.

Pan your camera along in time with the moving subject. This gives the image a feel of movement and speed.


  1. Dawn Time, The Best Time

The golden hour in photography is around sunrise and sunset.

If you want to capture the best picture, do it in a natural light. Set your alarm for dawn and create amazing photos in no time.


  1. Noon Light Clicks

Lighting is a key factor in creating a great image.

Look at the direction of the light falling on your subject and see how the shadows fall. Noontime photography does not require external lights, so take your camera and explore.


  1. Don’t Use Flash Indoors

Taking pictures indoors without using flash can result in some very natural looking photos. Flash can make your clicks harsh and unnatural especially for indoor portraits. Pictures look better without the flash.


  1. Play With Shutter Speed

Experiment with the shutter speed to create some interesting variety of effects for your clicks. Keep it low and then click, keep it high and then click, play with shutter numbers as much as you can to get better and unique pictures.


  1. Experiment With Post-Processing

You should experiment with the final look and feel of your photos.

Give your photos a final touch by editing them post-capture. Tweak colors, work on sharpness, exposure, and other attributes.


Last but certainly not the least…

  1. Keep Your Camera Lens/Sensors Clean

Often camera sensors have an electric charge that attracts dust, so make sure your camera sensor is clean. Clean camera lens with lens cleaning solution, wipe gently with the microfiber cloth.


So Babe & Dude, Now on click pictures with right techniques.




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