India’s Top 10 Developments- Recap Story

The Year 2018 has been a remarkable one in terms of progress and development of India’s infrastructure. People around the globe have applauded India for a number of causes thereby making India take one of the biggest leaps in progression all-round. Let us take a look at the milestones that India has crossed in 2018.

  1. India’s first 14 Lane Highway: In an effort to reduce the time of travel in the densely populated route of the nation, the Prime Minister inaugurated the two expressways via the Delhi-Meerut route called Eastern Peripheral Expressway (EPE) in 2018.

  2. The Signature Bridge: After eight long years the Signature Bridge was opened. The monumental bridge is bound to attract many tourists standing at 2,214 feet stretched across the Yamuna river.

  3. Statue of Unity: The Statue of Unit broke all records by standing tall as the world’s tallest statue. This is a tribute to the Independence leader Sardar Vallabai Patel.

  4. Kishanganga Hydroelectric Dam: The Prime Minister inaugurated this dam to generate more electricity for lower Jhelum situated in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

  5. Pakyong Airport: This is definitely not a very new airport but it makes the cut in developments as it was finally declared operational in mid-2018.

  6. Bogibeel Bridge: This is India’s longest rail-cum-road bridge which was opened towards the very end of 2018 and stretches over Brahmaputra River through the state of Assam.

  7. Bharatmala Project: This project costing 14,000 crores in Indian rupees links west to the east land border from Mizoram to Gujarat and Maharashtra to West Bengal. This project is currently under development and predicted to come into full effect in the next five years.

  8. Rashtriya Rajmarg Zila Sanjoyokta Pariyojna Project: The highways of India will soon be of world-class standards with this Rs. 60,000 crore project aiming to stretch 6600 kilometers of highway between over 650 districts across India.

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  9. Gujarat-Gorakhpur Gas Pipeline: The Indian Oil Corporation owned by the Indian government is laying the longest LPG pipeline from Gujarat to Uttar Pradesh and will carry 3.75 million tons of LPG per year.

  10. Chardham-Highway Project: This ambitious initiative was started to connect all the areas of pilgrimage in the Himalayas. This will stretch to around 900 kilometers costing around 12,000 crores in rupees.

Other Developments Worth-Mentioning:

Shiv Vihar-Trilokpuri Pink Line Section: With the inauguration of this line, Delhi has joined the list of the world’s cities such as London and Shanghai to have an operational metro network of over 300km.

ISRO’s launches: Indian Space Research Organization places 31 satellites in orbit through its launch vehicle.

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Make in India 2.0: An initiative launched in 2014, India saw a huge release in 2018 Make in India 2.0 budget that the government set aside and has invested and seen growth in sectors such as auto, defense, and renewable energy.

Mobile Industry: The best Make in India product was seen to be found in the mobile industry through Xiaomi Redmi Note 5. This was listed as a top choice for consumers in 2018.

India has indeed seen a lot of growth this past year but 2019 seems to have so much more in store. The Sagarmala project aims to be completed by May 2019 in order to transport goods between ports efficiently. Similarly, the Mumbai Trans-Harbour link is foreseen to also be completed in 2019. The Setu Bharatam project which aims to fulfill the ambitious idea that no roads will be met with railroad crossings is also something to look out for in the year ahead. Among the many developments, it is worth noticing that the government is currently working on the highest bridge in the world over river Chenab at Doda. Thus leading to another world record being broken by Indian magnificence.