The War Against Coronavirus (COVID-19) : Contribution by Companies

In the battle against deadly Coronavirus which has engulfed 6 out of all 7 continents, almost all individuals and groups are fighting back in their own ways. The Government of different nations is imposing restrictions on transportation, travel, and public places; people are on self- quarantine and new testing centers are under installation. Every moment we see that fight against this pandemic is intensifying. Several organizations like NGOs, companies, government institutions are doing their best and contributing to overcome this life-threatening disease. Here is how they are helping to beat coronavirus:

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  1. CEO of Oyo Hotels offered Oyo rooms to be used as quarantine centers

Ritesh Aggarwal, the CEO of Oyo Hotels and Rooms has offered that their Oyo rooms across all cities can be used as quarantine centers. As positive cases of corona and suspects are increasing, therefore more quarantine centers are required to properly isolate people. If the offer by Mr. Ritesh Aggrawal is accepted, this will be a huge help for our country as Oyo rooms have 270000 rooms all across the nation.

  1. Computer Chip Maker Nvidia asked Gamers to offer unused GPU computing power to combat Coronavirus

Since researchers and scientists are trying to develop new medicines and vaccines against coronavirus, therefore they require a lot of computing and processing time. Nvidia, the computer chip maker has offered its help by asking Gamers to share their computer systems unused GPU computing power.

  1. Jack Ma Donates 14Million $ donates for developing a vaccine against COVID-19 pandemic

China’s richest man and Founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma donated 14 Million dollars to aid scientists in developing a vaccine against the Coronavirus. He donated this amount to two Chinese Government medical organizations. However, the scientific community tells that it will take more than a year to develop such a vaccine.

  1. Urban company offers health insurance and income protection to its professionals affected by COVID-19

Urban company, earlier known as Urbanclap has offered health insurance and income protection to its Indian professionals. It is offering hospitalization cover of INR 25,000 and an income cover of INR14,000 in case any of its professionals is diagnosed with positive Coronavirus infection. This particular benefit is over and above its already existing health and insurance plans.

  1. Airbnb allows guests around the world to cancel their bookings and avail refunds

Airbnb has allowed its guests from all over the globe to cancel their stays and get a full refund provided that reservations were made on or before 14th March, 2020 and check-in date processed between 14th March and 14th April, 2020.

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  1. Elon musk donates 1255 ventilators for free

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has joined the fight against Coronavirus. He has donated 1255 ventilators in his bid to fight against the COVID-19 disease

  1. Zydus, Serum Institute of India, and Bharat Biotech developing vaccines against COVID-19

Indian companies like Zydus, Serum Institute of India, and Bharat Biotech are trying their hands to develop a vaccine against the novel Coronavirus. Serum Institute of India has partnered with American company Codagenix to develop it while Zydus and Bharat Biotech are trying their own approaches to develop it. However, it will take 1.5 to 2 years to fully develop the vaccine on a fast track basis.

  1. Dominoes, Swiggy to provide zero contact delivery

To keep their customers and their delivery partners’ safe, Dominoes and Swiggy have started zero contact delivery service. Under this initiative, the delivery person will leave the food outside as requested and then the customer can pick it up.

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  1. Video Conferencing Company Zoom offers services free for unlimited use in affected Regions

Zoom, the video conferencing giant has removed the time limit of 40 minutes for its basic users (free users) in affected regions. This will help people conduct video conferences who are working remotely.

  1. Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime Videos, and other platforms to lower video quality

As internet bandwidth is cluttered due to a majority of people working from home, streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. have decided to lower their video quality to standard definition as this will reduce the internet traffic and assist in the economy going forward.

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