Stellar’s ‘Remote Data Recovery’ service helping businesses, individuals recover data

Now recover data seamlessly while working remotely through Stellar’s ‘Remote Data Recovery’ service

Stellar has introduced it’s ‘Remote Data Recovery’ service in India that enables its customers to avail data recovery service at a real-time basis and resolve the data loss crisis in the present global exigency caused by Coronavirus i.e. COVID-19. Company’s ‘Online/Remote Data Recovery’ service requires just a working computer or laptop and internet connectivity at users’ end to recover the lost data.

One can recover data from the scenarios like:-

  • Deleted user data
  • Deleted or corrupted logical disks or partitions
  • Formatted logical drive
  • Corruption of data (files, videos, photos, database, e-mails of PST, etc.)
  • Missing data/files/folders
  • Deleted LUN- logical unit number, partial overwrite in the data space

Note: Company’s data care experts will ensure necessary precautions while working remotely by using a secured internet connection, Stellar’s proprietary recovery software to ensure data confidentiality, data security, and data safety.

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“Working remotely is growing speedily as the Coronavirus outbreak has mandated the organizations to work from home in diverse countries. We intend to ensure alignment, productivity, and business continuity for organizations by offering the ‘Online/Remote Data Recovery’ service, affirmed Mr.Manoj Dhingra, Co-founder & Director, Stellar. He further added, ‘The ‘Remote Data Recovery’ service will be a huge relief for the organizations and individuals who witness a data loss incidence and want to avail or recover their time-sensitive data without stepping out from their homes.

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Amidst this present catastrophe where mostly organization is forced to have its staff work from home due to ‘social distancing’ and ‘lockdown’ policies in place, the importance of data availability has become more critical than ever.

Not-to-mention, Company has also introduced a helpline no.1800 102 3232 for instant remote recovery requests. ‘Remote Analysis’ service would cost you INR 699 and ‘Remote Data Recovery’ services start from INR 4500 onwards.

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