India Elections 2019 And Modi Winning: All The Latest Updates

First of all, Congratulations to India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The NDA notched 352 seats in the Lok Sabha elections. Narendra Modi likely to be sworn in for his second term as Prime Minister on May 30.

Now, read below some of the latest updates:-

  1. Indian share markets surge to record highs as the BJP-led NDA coalition leads.
  2. Economy – one of Modi’s biggest concerns, as stated.
  3. Win sabka vishwas, give up VIP culture: PM Modi tells party MPs.
  4. Congress party has rejected Rahul Gandhi’s offer to resign as chief.
  5. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has coined a new slogan ‘NARA’ (“national ambition” and “regional aspiration”). The slogan describes the political strategies that NDA plans to adopt in the wake of its victory in the Lok Sabha elections.
  6. The Pakistani PM Imran Khan and Indian Prime Minister have exchanged messages through Twitter. Imran Khan affirmed in a tweet that he was ready to cooperate with the returning government for “peace, progress, and prosperity in South Asia.”
  7. Modi thanked Khan by saying “I warmly express my gratitude for your good wishes. I have always given primacy to peace and development in our region”.

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  8. India’s Prime Minister Modi has addressed thousands of supporters at party’s headquarters in New Delhi, after winning.
  9. PM Modi meets BJP veterans LK Advani, MM Joshi after historical winning.
  10. 78 seats out of 542 Lok Sabha seats have been won by women. India was one of the first countries to have a female leader- Reports.