How To Vote – Indian General Election, 2019

Voters, please note that you can vote only if your name appears in the Voter List (Electoral Roll), you are not allowed to vote without it.

  • You may check your name on the voters’ list on the website before visiting polling booth or election office.

  • Every voter should first research about respective parties and candidates before voting to make a knowledgeable decision about who their vote supports.

  • Voting booths are open for 12 hours on the election day, giving voters enough time to vote.

  • The day you visit the polling booth, do not carry mobile phones, cameras or any kind of gadget with you.

Now comes the voting process:

  • Polling officials will first cross-check your name on the voter list along with your valid Identity Proof, then will ink your finger and give you a slip.

  • Please take that slip and sign on a register (Form 17A).

  • Deposit the slip at the next counter nearby, show your inked finger then move towards the polling booth.

  • Cast your vote by pressing the ballot button aligned to the symbol of your desired candidate on the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM). To ensure, you will hear a beep sound on it, after pressing.

  • You may check the slip that appears in the transparent window of the VVPAT machine. The slip shows candidate serial number with name and symbol which will be visible for only 7 seconds before it drops into the sealed VVPAT machine.

  • Please note, if you’re not in favour of any party or candidate, you can press ‘NOTA’ which means ‘None of the Above’. ‘NOTA’ button you will find at the bottom on the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM).

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For more information, you can visit ‘Voter Guide Section’ on portal.

Don’t forget, every vote counts. So you must vote.