Welcome Back ‘Abhinandan’- India’s Power V/S Pakistan’s Terror- Exclusive Story Coverage

India was struck by the terrible attack on their army personnel on the fateful day of February 14th, 2019. While many Indian soldiers were left martyred, the nation was set ablaze with rage demanding some form of retaliation to bring justice to the martyred souls. Prime Minister Modi set the tone for non-compromise and immediately ordered the following

  1. He gave strength to the nation by stating that he was going to be brutal in his approach to the terrorist attack.

  2. India called for Pakistan to do something about their terrorists that are harbored within their borders.

  3. The severe stance that India took, advocated for push back from Pakistan when their Prime Minister Imran Khan claimed that India was making claims without proof.

  4. India called for Surgical Air Strike to bomb terrorist locations.

  5. Pakistan retaliated by shooting down one of the flights and taking into their custody a potential Prisoner of War, Wing CommanderAbhinandan who stood his ground bravely and not crumbling under pressure.

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With the world stage focusing on North Koreas Nuclear threat, there was a sudden shift in attention towards India and Pakistan as both are nuclear powers and an escalation of war can mean a huge threat to international safety. The tone of the international heads was one which led for Pakistan to calm their need for any unnecessary retaliation with both citizens of India and Pakistan taking to social media with the hashtag #saynotowar. The following led Pakistan to tone down their aggression and release Mr. Abhinandan back to India.

  1. The United States has called for peace between both nations and encouraged active talks rather than displays of aggression. However, US intel has recognized India’s retaliation as a ‘response to terrorism’ thereby pressuring Pakistan to not be in denial of the fact that they are harboring terrorists that caused the Indian tragedy on February 14th.

  2. China also chimed in calling for peace between both nations.

  3. India was also firm in its no negotiable stance for the return of the heroic prisoner Abhinandan.

  4. The US has released a statement saying that they are monitoring Pakistan’s use of missiles and weapons closely. This has mounted pressure on the nation of Pakistan as huge world powers such as China and the US appear to be helping India despite taking a diplomatic tone.

  5. President Trump of the United States had stated in a press conference that he is hoping for good news from Pakistan and India, displaying the constant follow up that countries have.

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As all countries are against terrorism, Pakistan seems to have toned down their response and reluctantly have withheld from any major actions of violence. PM Imran Khan has repeatedly condemned the terrorist attacks while denying Pakistan’s involvement. However, India demands that these terrorist sites be attacked. As the world watches, hoping that tensions do not escalate till a point of the war. While the return of Abhinandan is a sign of peace and is said to be done under the rules of the Geneva Convention. The nation waits with bated breath to see what India will do next in order to avenge their grief from the Pulwama attack.