10 Times Your Mother Proved To Be Better Than Your Lover!

Every individual has a special place in our hearts, but none can replace the place of a mother. Her warmth and love is incomparable to any other. At times it feels as though Valentine’s Day is given more value than Mother’s Day. Need proof? Walk into any bakery and you will be sure that they have a cake ready for Valentine’s Day and not many will have a Mother’s Day special cake. The market for Valentine’s day products is incredibly profitable mostly because of its demand among consumers. So as a reminder to the general youth population, here are ten times your mother proved to be better than any lover!

  1. Love: A mother is guaranteed to be at your side no matter what! She will love you through your highs and support you through your lows.

  2. Constant Factor: There is absolutely no space for breakups or the threat that your mother will suddenly leave you and never speak to you again. No amount of anger from them can drive them away from us.

  3. Caretaker: She is the best person to care for us when we are sick. Since our mothers have known us since birth and we have been created inside of her, she knows our bodies and needs very well making her better than anyone with her healing touch.

  4. Surprises: The perfect person to surprise is a mother. No matter what you get her, even if it is a small gift, she will value it the most and never complain!

  5. Food: Our taste buds have grown with the food our mother cooks. No matter which chef cooks up the best meal, our stomach still craves for our mother’s cooking at the end of the day.

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  6. Iron Woman: She will never make you feel guilty about her troubles. A mother is the only person who can be brave and fight battles for us while dealing with her own without complaining.

  7. Lowest Expectations: A mother expects nothing in return other than love. A mother’s love cannot be bought and she believes that her child is her biggest blessing.

  8. No Gossip: A mother will be the last person to talk about you behind your back. You can be yourself shamelessly and she will still defend you in front of the world.

  9. Sacrifice: Nothing compares to the sacrifice of a mother for her child. That is the beauty of her unconditional love.

  10. Happiness: A child’s happiness is what is most important to a mother. No matter what, she will ensure your happiness since her happiness lies in seeing her children happy.

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Perhaps the unconditional nature of a mother-child relationship is why people take for granted the need to treat their mothers on Mother’s Day. Every day is Mother’s Day but make this one day special by dedicating your time to show her your care. So, don’t wait! Show the woman who created and nurtured you the love she deserves.

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