Summer Proof Hacks For Youth

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start making plans for your epic summer vacation. But, how about the look? Are you ready to step outside in the hot-humid temperature? Well, we just want you to enjoy your vacation fully but before that, make sure you are summer-proof.

We have accumulated some clever grooming hacks for babes and dudes.

Do check out and be summer ready.


For Babes

  • Have got burned skin? Not to worry, apply Aloe vera (chilled aloe vera if possible). It will immediately soothe your ailing skin and you will get relief.
  • Dandruff issues? Use coconut oil on hair scalps before you take shower. Keep the oil for 10 minutes max. Do it once in a week and then experience the difference.
  • Want to flaunt your nails with no bubbles? Keep your nail polish in the refrigerator for sometime to avoid the bubble, then paint your beautiful nails.
  • Sweating while blow drying hair? Well, apply a powder deodorant on the back of your neck before blow drying hair and say bye-bye to sweat.

For Dudes

  • If your skin gets irritated after shaving, use shaving cream for five minutes max. before you start shaving.
  • If you have uncontrollable, unmanageable, scary-looking eyebrows, gently dab hair gel on your eyebrows. It will make your eyebrows look better.
  • Men easily get oiliness on face, so dude try wiping your face with a coffee filter, sounds creepy but it actually works.
  • Dude, we understand that you don’t like buying razors every now and then, so to keep your razor alive for a longer period, coat the blades with olive oil. It protects the metal from rusting.

For Babes and Dudes

  • Use deodorant to prevent sandal or shoe itchiness on your feet
  • Rub deodorant between the thighs to prevent annoying thighs rub.

More hacks coming soon…

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