Amazing Yet Strange Sex Facts Youth Should Know

Do you know everything about sex?

Well, there are some facts which are still under cover and we are sure that you have never heard them before.

Know these strange yet weird sex facts and make yourself more- ahem ahem… rest you know…

So here we go…

  • Do you know that sperm is highly effective in treating face wrinkles? The human sperm has the powerful antioxidant that has properties of eternal youth. While, semen is packed with protein, which tightens skin.

  • Do you know that sex is a beauty treatment? When the sweat comes while having sex, it cleanses the skin pores, makes your hair shine and skin glow.

  • Do you know that when a man anticipates sex, his beard grows rapidly? It has been found that the mere anticipation of sex can increase testosterone levels.

  • Do you know that sex with condom is one of the safest sports? It stretches and tones up every muscle in the body.

  • Do you know that kiss is needed to protect teeth? Kissing can keep your dentist away.

  • Do you know that sexual activity cures mild headaches and mild depression?  It can lead to partial or complete relief of head pain and sadness.

  • Do you know that men think about sex more than women? On an average, men think about sex every 7th second, while women around a few times a day.

  • Do you know that sex is biochemically no different from eating ample chocolates?

  • Do you know that humans and dolphins are the only species who do sex to get pleasure?

Strange isn’t it? but interesting too. Well, a few I will surely apply in my life ahead, how about you?

Let us know…


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