Coronavirus makes the festival of colors Holi ‘colorless’

Impact of Corona on Holi

Holi, the festival of colors and happiness is here, but the novel coronavirus has scared people worldwide. Sales of Holi products plunge as the fear of infectious disease grips consumer sentiments. This year, Holi traders witness a huge downfall amid COVID-19 outbreak otherwise they claim that there would be a mind-boggling sight under normal situations. Every year, Holi is celebrated with the vibrancy of colors that brings a lot of positivity in our lives and is worth rejoicing. Celebrated with utmost joy and fervor, Holi symbolizes the triumph of good over evil. But this year, the festival of colors seems to go off like damp squib for shopkeepers and traders. It is a hard hit on the large scale importers as customers and retailers tend to backfire from Holi products made in China such as colors, toys, balloons, etc. due to the coronavirus scare. Importers may have to bear the effect of losses due to unsold inventory, this Holi. Since Holi is one of the biggest festivals that take place with a lot of joyfulness and verve throughout the nation, traders did not foresee that the losses this year will have a huge impact on business. The latest study reveals that the biggest hub for the trade of Holi products in Sadar Bazar faces a severe downfall in the sale of Holi essentials. As a precautionary measure to avoid crowds and public gatherings, people have canceled their plans for Holi celebrations amid the skepticism relating to COVID-19.

Safety Measures to be followed this Holi

  • Play Holi with natural or homemade colors. If natural colors are not available, please ensure the supreme quality of colors. Use of natural colors will not tamper your skin and hair.
  • Please ensure to apply cream or moisturizer on your face before and after the play.
  • Do not forget to oil your hair well so that color doesn’t remain glued to your hair and can be washed off easily later.
  • Nails can be painted with a thick coating of paint – both in fingers and toes to assure protection from harmful colors.
  • Dental caps can be used to save teeth from any unwanted stains.

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It is highly advised to play Holi, the festival of colors your way but keeping coronavirus at bay. Take precautions like avoiding mass gatherings, maintaining social distance from people suffering from cough and fever, and washing hands frequently.  

Babendude wishing you all a very happy yet safe ‘Holi’!

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