World Kidney Day: Protect Your Kidney, Lead A Healthier Life  


The multi-functional fist-sized organs, Kidneys are located at the bottom of a person’s rib cage, on both sides of the spine. The main function of Kidneys is ‘filtration of waste products, excess water, and other impurities from blood of a person’. On World’s Kidney Day, Babendude brings to you some useful tips to protect your kidneys from today’s noxious milieu.

Some everyday tips to keep your kidneys healthy:

Monitor Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure can lead to kidney damage causing several health issues like Heart Disease, Diabetes, etc. and the effect on a person’s body can be critical. Therefore, monitor your BP every month.

Stay Active & Fit

Exercise as part of a routine is important for well-being and lessens the risk of chronic kidney disease, blood pressure. Regular exercise also boosts heart health which is important to prevent kidney failure. Walking, cycling, dancing, and running are good for health and it is easier to stick to these fun activities.

Monitor Body Weight & Eat A Healthy Diet

People with obesity or the ones who are overweight are at risk to be a victim of number of health conditions that can cause kidney damage. Diet essentials that are low in sodium, processed meats, and other kidney-damaging foods should be consumed. Food items as cauliflower, fish, whole grains, etc. are low in sodium and help to prevent kidney harm.

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Control Your Blood Sugar

People affected with diabetes or a medical condition that leads to high blood sugar may develop kidney damage. Control blood sugar to reduce the risk of kidney damage.

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Increase Intake Of Fluids

It is no cliché advice to drink nearly eight glasses of water every day; it encourages people to stay hydrated. Maintaining hydration by intake of water regularly is healthy for kidneys. Water is the best way to clear sodium and helps remove toxins from kidneys and also limits the risk of chronic kidney damage.

Say NO To Smoking:

Smoking leads to slower blood flow throughout the body and damage blood vessels. Therefore, it is recommended to say no to smoking and adopt healthy habits.

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To sum up, Kidney is the most vital organ of a human body responsible for various body functions ranging from processing body waste to making hormones. Maintaining kidney health is crucial to general well-being. Therefore, taking care of kidneys should be of paramount importance. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the best thing to do ensure kidneys stay healthy. The objective should be to drink at least 1.5 liters to 2 liters of water every day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Basic factors like exercise, climate conditions, and overall health should be considered when planning water intake on a regular basis.

Stay FIT, Stay Healthy!!! Happy World Kidney Day

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